Chapter 97: Cursing Doll

“What?! More than one!”

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Song Zhuohai’s eyes were full of astonishment and his heart couldn’t help but shake fiercely, feeling a chill rising from the bottom of his feet.

He had always thought that his home was the safest place, but unexpectedly, it was the most dangerous place!

For so many years, he didn’t feel anything at all.

Was their enemy too smart or was his vigilance lowered?

The expressions of the other three members of the Song family also changed at the same time, feeling like they were schemed against deeply by their enemy.

And they were played by their enemy at will, like they were trapped in a cage.

Such a feeling gave the members of the Song family a chill down their spines and also unprecedented shame and anger.

The enemy who hid behind the Song family had been playing them for a total of twenty years.
What terrifying means and patience!

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“Right, more than one,” Lu Zijia nodded and said as if she didn’t notice how angry and embarrassed they were.

“The Yin energy in this villa will only dissipate completely after we find and deal with all of those things.

“Otherwise, it won’t be enough even if I give you more Exorcizing Talismans.”

Hearing that, Song Zhuohai quickly calmed his mind and said respectfully, “Then, please continue, master.”

Lu Zijia didn’t say anything but directly walked towards the door of the villa.

Seeing Lu Zijia walk outside, the members of the Song family immediately felt nervous in their minds and they quickly went faster to keep up with her.

It looked like they were afraid that Lu Zijia would run away.

Song Zixuan even rushed to the front and stood next to Lu Zijia to be her guard.

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Lu Zijia’s appearance was salvation for Song Zixuan and might even give him a chance to prove his “innocence.”

So, he gave Lu Zijia 100% hopes and expectations.

He was looking forward to unraveling the truth of him being a forever loner.

After going out of the door of the villa, Lu Zijia walked towards the flowerbeds in the garden.

“There’s something here.

Lu Zijia said to Song Zixuan after walking to one side of the garden and pointing at a certain position.

Since Song Zixuan stood next to her, it meant that he was willing to be her coolie.

With a coolie next to her, she didn’t have to do anything.

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Song Zixuan, who was treated as a coolie, “…”

“Son, here.”

Fang Yueqiu took out a small shovel for planting flowers out of nowhere and handed it to Song Zixuan.

Song Zixuan, “…”

Song Zixuan had never thought he would do dredging work one day, and for free at that!

Although Song Zixuan complained in his mind, he still started digging where Lu Zijia pointed with the small shovel obediently.

The soil in the flowerbed was soft, so it didn’t take much time for him to dig the thing out.

“What’s this?”

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Song Zixuan picked up the black thing he dug out and still couldn’t see what it was after looking at it for a long time.

“A piece of Yin Wood for casting spells.”

Lu Zijia glanced at the human-shaped black block in Song Zixuan’s hands, “There should be your date of birth and the eight characters of a horoscope on it.”

A piece of Yin Wood would become black because it was soaked in fresh blood.
Besides, it had been buried in soil for a long time, so it would certainly turn dark.

“My date of birth and the eight characters of a horoscope?”

Song Zixuan was shocked and he didn’t care if it was dirty anymore, using his sleeve to wipe the human-shape black block directly.

After cleaning the black block a little, Song Zixuan indeed saw red words on the black block.

“Son, it’s really your date of birth and the eight characters of a horoscope!”

The expression of Fang Yueqiu, who came to look at it, immediately changed drastically when she saw the red words on it.

A human-shaped black block with her son’s date of birth and the eight characters of a horoscope, this didn’t look like a good thing no matter what.

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