Zheng Bin nodded without hesitation.
“Of course.
Master Lu, wait a moment.
I’ll get the information for you.”

After saying that, Zheng Bin walked out of the museum.
He had left the documents in the car and didn’t bring them in.

After Zheng Bin left, Mu Tianyan said quietly, “It’s the Flying Snake Gang.”

Lu Zijia looked at him in confusion.
“The Flying Snake Gang?”

Why did this group sound like it was a group of snake demons? Could there be demons in this world too?

However, when she thought about the lack of spiritual energy in this world, she felt that even if there were demons, there shouldn’t be any powerful demons.
At most, there would only be some small demons.

After all, demons would only develop intelligence after thousands of years and they could only start cultivating after that.

And because of the laws of the world, the lifespan of the demons was much longer than that of humans, but it was also more than a hundred times more difficult for them to cultivate.

Therefore, with the lack of spiritual energy in this world, even if there were really great demons, they would be suppressed by the laws of the world and couldn’t break through.

Since they couldn’t break through, their lifespans were naturally limited.

“The Flying Snake Gang consists of three people, one woman and two men.
The woman is the leader and is very famous overseas, but no one has ever seen their true faces.” Mu Tianyan explained.

Lu Zijia was a bit surprised.
A bandit gang that was very famous shouldn’t be weak, or they would probably have been arrested and put in jail long ago.
How could they still be famous then?


“How did you know?” Lu Zijia suddenly looked at her man with a strange gaze.
Had her man been robbed by the Flying Snake Gang?

As if knowing what Lu Zijia was thinking in her mind, Mu Tianyan walked over helplessly and pinched her face.

“I met them at an auction.
I remember their aura.
They left their aura here.”

Even though the aura was already very faint, Mu Tianyan was sure that he wasn’t wrong.

“Oh, I see.
I thought that the female leader took a fancy to you and you were molested by her!” Lu Zijia showed a look of realization and accidentally said what was on her mind.

Mu Yunhao: “…” Madam was really daring!

Speaking of which, that female leader really took a fancy to the Second Master back then, but she didn’t dare to rob him.

Mu Tianyan narrowed his eyes and a dark glint flashed across his eyes.
His deep voice carried an obvious sense of danger.
“Wifey, you seem to want me to be molested?”

Sensing the danger behind the man’s question, Lu Zijia immediately restrained her expression and said as sincerely as possible with an innocent look, “No, you’re my man.
How could I possibly want any other women to touch you? Even if your modesty is to be outraged, it can only be outraged by me! If anyone dares to snatch you from me, I’ll use lightning to cut them into a pile of black ashes! When the wind blows, nothing will be left!”

Lu Zijia deliberately showed a fierce look, which made the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curl up.

Mu Yunhao: “…” Black ashes… Madam was as ferocious as ever!

“Then, Madam, you must watch me closely.” The dangerous look on Mu Tianyan instantly disappeared and was replaced by obvious joy.

Feeling that the danger was gone, Lu Zijia immediately heaved a huge sigh of relief, feeling glad that she survived.

Her man’s aura was really too strong, making her a bit scared!

“Definitely, definitely.”

Lu Zijia was terrified.
She would have been killed if she hadn’t said the right words.

“Right, Ah Yan, do you have a way to find them?” Lu Zijia quickly changed the topic and asked.

The “them” she was talking about was naturally the members of the Flying Snake Gang.

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