The two policemen guarding the door immediately stepped forward and reminded the three of them loudly when they saw Lu Zijia and the others walking over.

“I’m from the Special Administration Office.
I’m also here to investigate the case.
Please make an exception.”

Lu Zijia took out her ID card of the Special Administration Office and tried to bluff her way through.

The resolute policeman took Lu Zijia’s ID and looked at it, then glanced at his other colleague.

“Someone from the Special Administration Office?”

The policeman’s companion seemed to see the question in the resolute policeman’s eyes and nodded slightly to confirm.

“Wait, I’ll ask the higher-ups for instructions.”

The resolute policeman returned the ID to Lu Zijia and asked the higher-ups through the earpiece.

A moment later, the resolute policeman said, “My superior is coming out now.
Wait here.”

Lu Zijia took back her ID without changing her expression and put it away silently.
“Oh, okay.”

She complained in her mind, This policeman is really not easy to fool!

Lu Zijia turned around and glanced at the man beside her silently, looking a bit guilty.

The corners of Mu Tianyan’s lips curled up slightly.
He couldn’t help raising his big hand and touching her head like he was petting a pet.

Speaking of waiting, it was really just waiting.
In less than a minute, a middle-aged man with a face walked out quickly.

“Boss, it’s them.” The resolute policeman immediately reported when he saw the square-faced middle-aged man.

The square-faced man nodded, indicating that he understood.

“Are the three of you from the Special Administration Office?” Zheng Bin asked as he observed the three of them.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that two of the men looked especially familiar, even though he couldn’t remember for a moment who they were.

“No, I’m the only one from the Special Administration Office.
They’re the assistants I hired.”

Lu Zijia didn’t even flinch as she gave Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao the status of assistants.

Mu Yunhao: “…” It was fine if he was the assistant, but was it really good to let Second Master be the assistant?

Wasn’t Madam really not afraid that Second Master would catch her and punish her when they got home?

Mu Tianyan looked at his wife silently, as if he was a bit dissatisfied with her introduction.

Seeming to sense his dissatisfied gaze, Lu Zijia blinked at him innocently, indicating that this identity was temporary.


Zheng Bin sized up Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao again.
He didn’t think they were assistants at all.

“Right, assistants.”

Lu Zijia said as she patted the man next to her with a bright smile.
“My assistant is super handsome.”

Mu Yunhao: “…” When did the Second Madam learn to flatter him?

However, it had to be said that the Second Madam’s flattery was done in the nick of time.
This could be seen from Second Young Master’s obviously happy gaze.

Zheng Bin: “…” This was the first time he heard someone praise his assistant like this.

“No one from the higher-ups informed me that the people from the Special Administration Office will also be involved in this case.” Zheng Bin said in a businesslike manner.

Lu Zijia nodded.
“Oh, I wanted to join the investigation.
My name is Lu Zijia.
Nice to meet you,” she said as she reached her hand out to Zheng Bin.

However, Zheng Bin didn’t extend his hand.
Instead, he frowned.
“Miss Lu, the higher-ups have already handed the case to the Ancient Martial Arts Group.”

What he meant was that Lu Zijia shouldn’t get involved.

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