tabbed the old man’s throat mercilessly with his sharp dagger.


Blood gushed out and splashed on the short-bearded man’s face, but he didn’t care at all.
Instead, he smiled strangely.

“You… You…”


The old man opened and closed his mouth, and blood kept gushing out of his mouth.
Finally, he fell from the mat by the pool and soon lost his breath.

After the old man died, the short-bearded man didn’t relax.
Instead, he quickly took out a palm-sized mini wooden sword.
It was completely black and faintly emitted a strange smell.

Before the old man’s soul left his body, the short-bearded man started chanting a spell.
The moment the old man’s soul left his body, he took the opportunity to seal it on the pitch-black mini wooden sword.

“Ah—you unfilial disciple, unfilial disciple!”

The old man, sealed in the mini wooden sword, let out a series of shouts, but they were quickly cut off by the short-bearded man.

Looking at the mini wooden sword in his hand, the short-bearded man laughed loudly.
“My good master, I’ve prepared for five years to deal with you.
Now, you’ve finally died in my hands.
It only took five years.
It’s worth it.”

After saying that, the short-bearded man put away the mini wooden sword.
When his gaze landed on the blood pool, he revealed an ecstatic look.

“Ancient Life-Prolonging Technique.
Hahaha, as long as this life-prolonging technique succeeds, I will have eternal life.
I will be the only human who can live as long as the world! No, I won’t be human when that time comes.
I’ll be a god.
I’ll be a god who lives as long as the world! I’ll be a god who’s supreme! Hahaha…”

Thinking of the glory in the future, the short-bearded man laughed happily, as if the so-called life-prolonging technique he mentioned had already succeeded.

But the next moment, the short-bearded man’s laughter stopped abruptly.

“Who is it?”

Sensing an unfamiliar aura, the short-bearded man suddenly turned around and a hint of shock flashed through his eyes.

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