Or she should say that Mu Tianyan still didn’t trust her and wanted to observe her for a while longer?

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Lu Zijia thought this was very likely to be the case.
After all, many people called the original host a “loser.”


If a loser suddenly told someone that she could treat his legs, even she wouldn’t believe it easily.


So, she could understand what Mu Tianyanwas doing.


The Mu family was a pretty good place anyway.
It was quite nice to stay here for now.


At least she wouldn’t be disturbed by someone easily when she was cultivating.




Mu Tianyan nodded, “I’ll leave Xiao Rui to you.
He’s been weak since he was little, so just pay attention.


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“Also, remember to call me whenever you encounter any problem you can’t solve.”


Mu Tianyan said the last words with a deeper meaning.
Lu Zijia didn’t know the true meaning of what he said for now, but she still agreed.


“Don’t worry.
I’ll take good care of this little boy for you.
I’ll never let anyone bully him.”


Lu Zijia walked over and rubbed the little boy’s head again while he wasn’t paying attention.


The little boy immediately stared at her with his messy hair.


Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows at him disapprovingly, and she rubbed his little head twice again.


Mu Ruishu was so enraged that he gritted his teeth, but since his uncle was here, he could only bear it.


Seeing the little boy’s forbearance, the smile on Lu Zijia’s face became even wider.

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He was obviously a kid who lacked love, but he had to pretend like a little adult.
He totally needed to learn a lesson.


Mu Tianyan acted like he didn’t see the interaction between Lu Zijia and Mu Ruishu, and he said to Uncle He, “Ask the chefs to prepare more nutritious meals.”


“Yes, Master,” Uncle He replied respectfully.


His Madame didn’t seem to have much flesh on her body.
She indeed needed more nutrition.
If not, she would suffer in the future when she was pregnant with a Young Master or a Young Lady.


After Mu Tianyan got in the car and left the old mansion of the Mu family, Lu Zijia returned to her room quickly.


Watching Lu Zijia turn around and leave without hesitation, a hint of disappointment flashed through Mu Ruishu’s eyes.


“Young Master, Madame is actually a pretty nice person,” Uncle He sighed and said as he held Mu Ruishu’s hand.


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This Young Master relied on his Master too much, so he became very nervous whenever a woman appeared around his Master.


However, he could see that this Young Master was actually afraid that the woman his Master married would dislike him.


His Young Master was too young and didn’t know how to express himself completely, which made him look like he had hostility towards Madame.


In fact, his Young Master was very eager to be adored by Madame.


“I know.”


Mu Ruishu lowered his head and said with a sorrowful voice, “Grandpa He, does auntie dislike me?”


Perhaps because Mu Ruishu was abused three years ago, he was very sensitive to the good and evil of people.


He had never sensed any malice in Lu Zijia since the beginning.

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However, he didn’t know how to gain people’s love and he didn’t know how to make Lu Zijia like him.


“How could that be? Young Master, you’re so cute and well-behaved.
I’m sure Madame likes you too.


“If not, Madame wouldn’t tease you.” Uncle He comforted him with a smile.


Mu Ruishu pressed his lips and looked up at Uncle He, who was holding his hand, with uncertainty.




“Of course.”


Uncle He nodded firmly, “When have I ever lied to you?”


After hearing that, Mu Ruishu finally smiled.

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