When Lu Zijia went upstairs to rest at night, she walked to the room on the second floor habitually.

However, before she opened the door, a big hand appeared on her waist.
“Wifey, you’re going to the wrong room.”

The hot breath next to her ear made Lu Zijia tense up.
She looked up at the man mechanically and blinked, looking a bit innocent.

“Wifey, we agreed that we can’t go back on our words.”

Mu Tianyan ignored his wife’s pretense and took her little hand to the third floor upstairs.

Lu Zijia: “…” She didn’t say anything alright? This man, who always liked to trick her, said it himself.

After being pulled into the master bedroom, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous and started a conversation.
“Right, aren’t you interested in arrays? I know some arrays.
Why don’t we discuss them?”

Even though their relationship had been confirmed for a long time and they already had a red book, she still couldn’t help feeling nervous at the thought of going further with a man.

Mu Tianyan seemed to see her nervousness and the corners of his mouth curled up meaningfully, making Lu Zijia’s heart skip a beat.

“It’s getting late.
Let’s talk about the array formation tomorrow.
For now…”

Mu Tianyan walked to the closet and handed a set of pajamas to the girl after a while.
“Wifey, go and take a shower first.”

Lu Zijia: “…” Why did she have the illusion that she was washing herself clean so that this man could eat her up later?

Seeing that the girl was obviously in a daze, Mu Tianyan found it funny.
He deliberately leaned over and breathed on the girl’s fair face as he said, “Wifey, why aren’t you moving? Do you… Want me to shower with you?”

Lu Zijia, who came back to her senses, saw the handsome face that was suddenly enlarged in front of her and she stepped back reflexively.

Sensing that she was overreacting, she couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.
She grabbed the pajamas in the man’s hand and ran to the bathroom quickly.

Seeing his wife’s cute reaction, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up even more and his deep eyes were full of affection.

After entering the bathroom, Lu Zijia leaned against the door and couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief as if she had been relieved of a heavy burden.
Her originally nervous mood also gradually relaxed.

But when she saw the skimpy outfit, which was presumably her “pajamas”, Lu Zijia’s ears immediately turned red.

This man was really…

Lu Zijia dawdled in the bathroom for half an hour and finally came out.

However, what she saw after coming out made her a bit dumbfounded, and at the same time, she heaved a sigh of relief.

The man must have taken a shower in the bathroom of another room.
He had changed into a set of dark-colored pajamas.
At this moment, he was already lying on one side of the big bed with his eyes closed, as if he was asleep.

Lu Zijia sensed his breathing carefully.
It was long and regular, as if he was really asleep.

To avoid waking the man up, Lu Zijia tiptoed to the big bed like a thief.

If the golden pagoda saw this scene, it would definitely complain that its master was like a big mouse that was on its way to steal rice.

After Lu Zijia lay on the bed carefully, she didn’t dare to touch the blanket, afraid that she would wake the man up and eat her, the little fox who had washed herself so well, clean.

However, the moment she closed her eyes and was about to sleep, the aura of the man behind her immediately changed.

A warm blanket covered her body and a warm and familiar embrace came from behind.

Lu Zijia: “…”

Sure enough, the man had tricked her again.

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