Gu Ying sneered.
“Afraid of what? I’ll probably die without a burial place? Ha, if I were afraid of death, I wouldn’t have become one of the heirs of the Gu family.
All these years, if I didn’t fight for it myself, I would already be a dead man.
What’s the difference between dying sooner or later?”

The driver didn’t dare to say anything else.

In fact, what Gu Ying didn’t say was that he guessed that Lu Zijia had a lot to do with Mu Tianyan recovering his cultivation.

Not only was Lu Zijia very strong, but she was also a very good alchemist.
If he didn’t manage to pull her to his side, he would definitely regret it in the future.
He was almost certain that with Lu Zijia’s help, the position of the next leader of the Gu family would definitely be his!

Thinking of this, Gu Ying became more and more obsessed with Lu Zijia.

The members of the Du family knew that something happened to Lu Zijia and went to the police station, so they couldn’t sit still anymore.
Even Old Master Du and Old Madam Du rushed to the police station anxiously.
They only felt relieved after seeing that Lu Zijia was fine with their own eyes.

When they found out that the culprit was Lu Wanyuan, the members of the Du family were even more furious.
They wished they could go to the hospital and slap Lu Wanyuan a few times.

The Du family only gradually calmed down after Lu Zijia comforted them.

During this process, Ye Nanxi stood silently at the side and tried her best to reduce her presence, afraid that the furious members of the Du family would scold her.

Two days after Lu Wanyuan’s incident, Ye Nambo was also arrested for theft and sent to jail.

Lu Zijia knew without asking that it must be her man’s doing.

On this day, Lu Zijia prepared the herbs she needed and planned to refine the internal core of the Ice Sea Fish into the Ice Sea Pill.

Lu Zijia peeled open the Ice Sea Fish that had turned into salted fish, revealing the dusty inner core inside.

After the Ice Sea Fish died, the inner core in its body would automatically be sealed to preserve the power in the inner core.
Apart from the inner core, the body of the Ice Sea Fish itself was also quite useful for cultivators.

However, the Ice Sea Fish in front of her not only became salted fish, it had also turned moldy.
Lu Zijia really couldn’t eat it, so she could only deal with it reluctantly.

A day later, everyone in the old mansion of the Mu family suddenly felt a powerful pressure coming from all directions.

Mu Yi and the others couldn’t help being shocked.
They instinctively thought that an expert had suddenly attacked.

But soon, they sensed that the terrifying and powerful pressure came from the room of their Second Madam.

The moment that pressure appeared, Mu Tianyan appeared in front of Lu Zijia’s door, but he didn’t barge in rashly.

In the room, Lu Zijia, who had just come out of the ancient space, noticed the man who suddenly appeared at her door.

Knowing that she had just advanced and the power on her body couldn’t be completely restrained, which was why it alarmed others, Lu Zijia waved her hand and opened the door.

The moment the door was opened, Mu Tianyan appeared in front of Lu Zijia instantly.

Seeing that the girl in front of him was fine with his own eyes, Mu Tianyan’s worried heart slowly relaxed.
“Did Wifey make a breakthrough?”

Lu Zijia nodded with a smile.
“Yeah, my current cultivation level is equivalent to level four of Ancient Martial Arts.” However, even though her cultivation level was equivalent to level four of the Ancient Martial Arts, she could challenge someone above her level.
If she faced an ordinary level five Ancient Martial Artist, she was 90% confident that she could defeat him.

Lu Zijia originally thought that it would be good if she could advance her cultivation to the peak of the third level of Qi Refinement after taking the Ice Sea Pill.
But the effect of the Sea of Ice Pill was unexpectedly good, directly allowing her to break through to the fourth level of Qi Refinement.

Such a huge surprise undoubtedly made Lu Zijia overjoyed.

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