At this moment, Lu Wanyuan was dressed sloppily.
Her clothes seemed to have not been washed for a while, and her long hair was even a bit messy.
Coupled with her slightly crazy eyes, she gave people the feeling that she was a lunatic.

Ye Nanxi struggled to sit up.
“If you want revenge, you should go to my cousin.
He stole your money, not me.
What’s the use of taking revenge on me?”

Ye Nanxi felt that Lu Wanyuan was simply unreasonable.
She had never had a good relationship with her cousin, Ye Nambo, since she was young.
They were no different from strangers.

When Lu Wanyuan was with her cousin back then, she also knew that very well.
But now, how could she take revenge on her because of her cousin?

Wasn’t this too crazy?

At this moment, Ye Nanxi was angry and a bit scared.

When she first saw Lu Wanyuan, she already felt that there was something wrong with her.
Now, it seemed that Lu Wanyuan had gone crazy because of too much shock.

Thinking of this, Ye Nanxi was even more scared.
She looked around, hoping to find a way to escape.

However, the house was too small and she could see everything at a glance.
Other than the door, there was only a window behind her where she could try to escape from.
But they were on the third floor.
If she jumped down, she would definitely be crippled even if she didn’t die.

Since the window was not an option, she could only break through the door.

“I have my own reasons for looking for you.”

Lu Wanyuan laughed maniacally and the madness in her eyes became even more intense.
“Aren’t you quite close to Lu Zijia? If that b*tch Lu Zijia finds out that you were kidnapped, do you think… she’ll come to save you?”

Ye Nanxi, who was originally a bit scared, immediately turned pale with fright when she heard what Lu Wanyuan said.
“It was my cousin who stole your money.
How can you implicate the innocent!”


Lu Wanyuan laughed sinisterly as if she had heard a joke.
“That b*tch was the one who instigated Ye Nambo to steal my money.
How dare you say that b*tch is innocent?! What was so good about that b*tch? Why was she worth all of you putting in a good word for her? Do you know how badly that b*tch hurt me?”

“My mother is dead and my brother is still unconscious.
My so-called father even ran away with most of the money and didn’t care about us at all! Now, even the last bit of money was stolen by that scumbag Ye Nambo.
How am I supposed to live?”

“It’s all because of that bitch.
It’s all because of that bitch.
That b*tch is a Taoist master.
It must be her.
She must be behind this! That’s why I’m in this terrible situation right now!”

“She’s a devil.
She’s a devil! Why are you defending a devil? Why? Why!”

Lu Wanyuan suddenly stood up, kicked the wooden chair behind her, and roared at Ye Nanxi like a lunatic.

Ye Nanxi suppressed the fear in her heart and defended her idol in her mind.
“You became like this not because of Master Lu at all, but because of your greed.
The reason why you got into an accident was because your brother was naughty and pulled the steering wheel, which caused the car to go against the traffic.
The police have already investigated and announced the results.
The whole thing has nothing to do with Master Lu at all.
How can you push everything to Master Lu? Don’t you think you’re going too far?”

Before she met Lu Zijia, Ye Nanxi had already heard about what happened in their family.
However, she didn’t know Lu Zijia at that time, so she only thought that Lu Zijia was stupid and didn’t say anything else.

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