Right now, every product of Three Treasures was on sale every day, but they were sold out in less than a minute.
They waited for a few days and didn’t get any.
They were desperate.

That was why they were so thick-skinned and wanted to buy the acne removal solution from Ye Nanxi again.

At the thought that they missed their chances of getting that sought-after acne removal solution, the two of them almost spat out a mouthful of blood and felt extremely regretful.

Just as the two of them were about to ask Ye Nanxi to help them again, Ye Nanxi’s phone rang.

Ye Nanxi walked away with her phone, obviously not wanting to continue talking to the two of them.

Both of them had no choice but to leave dejectedly.

After walking for a while, Ye Nanxi stopped and looked at the caller ID.
She couldn’t help frowning.

But before the ringing stopped, she still answered the call.

“I know.
Why are you looking for me?”

“My cousin? Call him directly if you want to see him.
I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

“If you can’t find him, I wouldn’t know where he is either.
There’s no use looking for me.”

“He stole your money? That’s between you and him.
It’s none of my business.”

“You know that I’m not close to my cousin.
What’s the use of begging me? Besides, I have nothing to do with you.
Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that you’re looking for me?”

“If you want to make a fuss, go ahead.
I definitely won’t take responsibility for the problem between you two.”

“What? Master Lu? What has it got to do with Master Lu?”

“Alright! Wait for me, I’ll go and meet you!”

Ye Nanxi hung up the phone with an ugly expression and bade farewell to Zhang Junning, the host of the party, before leaving in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Lu Zijia, who went to the herb market, met someone she didn’t want to see at all.

Even though the person who harmed her man’s brother and sister-in-law was the eldest daughter of the Gu family and not Gu Ying, the latter wasn’t a kind person either.
She naturally didn’t like him.

“Pretty girl, I didn’t expect to meet you at the herb market.
What a coincidence!” Gu Ying, who was wearing a flashy leather jacket on such a hot day, ran to Lu Zijia with a surprised look on his face.

Lu Zijia didn’t even look at him as she asked the store assistant to pack the herbs she chose.

Gu Ying, who was ignored, didn’t care at all.
He was still enthusiastic and even took out his card generously and handed it to the shop assistant.
“I’ll pay for all the herbs she bought.”

The shop assistant was a young girl in her twenties.
She looked at Gu Ying and then at Lu Zijia, and assumed that Gu Ying might be Lu Zijia’s suitor, so she didn’t take the card rashly.

Lu Zijia took out her card and handed it to the shop assistant, ignoring Gu Ying the whole time, as if he didn’t exist at all.

The shop assistant wanted to laugh when she saw this, but she still held back and took the card from Lu Zijia.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? I already said I’ll take care of it.
Why are you still taking the card from the pretty lady?” Seeing that even a small shop assistant ignored him, Gu Ying immediately pulled a long face.

The shop assistant smiled awkwardly and glanced at Lu Zijia silently without saying anything, but the meaning was obvious.

That was: The pretty girl doesn’t appreciate your kindness at all.

Gu Ying, who understood what the shop assistant meant, immediately looked a bit sullen, but he didn’t get angry.

“Little beauty, where are you going? I drove here.
Let me drive you.
The things are heavy.
Let me help you get them!” Seeing Lu Zijia leave with the things, Gu Ying hurried to catch up with her and kept trying to please her.
He even reached out to take the herbs from Lu Zijia’s hand.

However, Lu Zijia dodged it.

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