Ye Nanxi lay on the beach chair and drank her fruit juice as she glanced at the woman lazily.
“It’s Sister Ning’s birthday, of course I have to be here.”

Ye Nanxi’s attitude towards the woman was neither warm nor cold, but it was clear she didn’t have a good relationship with this woman.

At this moment, another long-haired woman walked over.
“Nanxi, I haven’t seen you in a while! I heard that you’ve been very busy recently, so I didn’t expect your skin to be so well-maintained.
I’m really envious.”

The sexy woman also quickly echoed, “That’s right! Nanxi, do you have any skincare secrets?”

“Yeah, I have one, which is to use the exact skincare products which both of you said were trashy previously!” Ye Nanxi took a sip of fruit juice and replied bluntly.

Before the incident with Three Treasures’ products, these two women begged her for two bottles of acne removal solution.

Seeing that they were from the same production team again and she had no use for them recently, she agreed to sell it to them.

Who knew that the day she gave the acne removal solution to the two of them, there was another scandal in Three Treasures, and their attitude immediately changed.
Not only did they say that she used trashy skincare products, but they also said that she had bad intentions and wanted to harm them.
They were simply delusional!

Why didn’t they think about that? They were the ones who begged her to sell the acne removal solution to them, but in the end, they got slapped instead.
They were simply too shameless!

She still remembered this grudge!

How dare they say that her idol’s skincare products were trash? Even if they knelt down and begged her for forgiveness now, she would definitely not be soft-hearted!

“Nanxi, we were wrong before.
Weren’t we also deceived by the rumors?” The long-haired woman laughed dryly, as if she wanted to apologize.

“Right, Nanxi, it was our fault before.
Can you be magnanimous and not hold it against us?” The sexy woman also said with a hint of flattery.

However, Ye Nanxi didn’t even look at them.
She simply shrugged.

Her attitude made the long-haired woman and the other woman a bit uncertain for a moment.
Did this mean that she had forgiven them?

“Nanci, didn’t you promise us before to sell us each a bottle of acne removal solution? Let me send the money over to you now!” the long-haired woman said, and took out her phone from her small bag, looking like she was ready to transfer the money.

The sexy woman wasn’t willing to fall behind either.
She hurriedly took out her phone, as if she was afraid that Ye Nanxi would go back on her word if she was a step slower.

However, Ye Nanxi didn’t agree to them in the first place, so how would she go back on her word? “You already said it before, what’s past is past.
Besides, I don’t have any acne removal solution.”

Ye Nanxi didn’t like to offend people, but it didn’t mean that she would swallow her anger in silence.
Besides, with her family background, she didn’t need to let others have her way at all.

“This… Nanxi, we were wrong before.
We’ll apologize to you, okay? Don’t be angry.” The long-haired woman looked anxious and reached out to pull Ye Nanxi’s hand to show her goodwill.

However, Ye Nanxi dodged it.
“I’m not angry.
No one managed to snatch the good things from me, so I should be glad instead.
Why would I be angry?”

Ye Nanxi put down the glass of juice and looked at the two of them coldly.
“If you want the acne removal solution, buy it yourself.
I don’t have any extras here.”

Even if there was, she would definitely not give it to these two people!

Being rejected so directly by Ye Nanxi, the long-haired woman and the other woman immediately looked a bit embarrassed.

They also wanted to buy the solution themselves, but the key was that they couldn’t buy them!

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