Chapter 74: The Young Tycoon Is Unlucky

As soon as the old lady finished talking, the people around finally collected themselves and were instantly stirred.

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They repeated what the old lady said and praised Lu Zijia continuously like it was for free.
They just didn’t hold her up into the sky.

Lu Zijia, “….”

People in this world were really fickle.
They still hated her and condemned her just then, and now, they spoke highly of her.

The sudden twist of events caught Master Dedao and the others off guard, and they all turned extremely pale.

Lu Zijia ignored everyone’s compliments and turned to Master Dedao, “The best out of three wins.
I should have already won twice now, right? Do we still have to continue?”

Lu Zijia asked this question because she wanted to get her reward, the Buddha beads, faster and go to eat KFC.

However, what she said was like provocation in Master Dedao’s ears.

It would be strange if Master Dedao looked good.

Master Dedao turned pale, and so did the young Taoist priest and Lu Wanyuan.

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They originally thought that they had already put Lu Zijia in the mud.
And yet, they let her turn the tides in a blink!

Lu Wanyuan was so furious that she gritted her teeth, but there was nothing she could do.

After all, so many pairs of eyes were watching her here.
No matter how glib she was, she couldn’t lie with her eyes open and keep calling Lu Zijia a fraud.

If she really did so, she would in turn become the person who was condemned!

“Wait, you said three rounds.

“Even though you’ve won two rounds, this is a battle.
It should continue.”

The third young man, who signed up for the battle, walked out from the side in dissatisfaction and sat in the chair between the two tables like an elder, then said to Lu Zijia, “Besides, I’ve waited for a long time to participate in your battle.

“Isn’t it not quite right to just end it?”

The young man looked around 20 years old and everything he was wearing was all expensive stuff.
He also had fashionable blonde hair and looked arrogant, exactly like a rich young man.

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The first impression that such a rich young man gave people was that they should avoid provoking him if possible.

Lu Zijia glanced at the young man twice and smiled with a profound meaning, as if she saw something interesting.

“You’re right.
Three rounds it is, then.”

Lu Zijia nodded with a smile and immediately made a “please” gesture to Master Dedao.

“Master Dedao, do you want to go first?”

In a battle like this, the person who began first would usually be at an advantage.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijia’s modesty didn’t get Master Dedao’s kindness but made him resentful instead.

“No, I’ll pick you.”

Before Master Dedao replied, the young man spoke first as he grabbed his wallet and took out a huge stack of banknotes, putting it in front of Lu Zijia.

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Lu Zijia looked at the stack of banknotes in front of her.
There were probably more than 20,000 yuan.
He was indeed a young tycoon!

Unfortunately, even a young tycoon could be unlucky.

“If what you say is accurate, the money will be yours.
I can write a check if it’s not enough.”

Song Zixuan got out of home originally to walk around and divert himself.
Unexpectedly, he came to Lingde Street, which he hated most.

When he was about to turn around and leave, he happened to hear about the battle between Lu Zijia and Master Dedao.

He participated in the battle only because he wanted to expose the deceptions of these so-called sorcerers on a whim.

However, the last two battles made Song Zixuan begin to waver a bit.

Of course, there was more suspicion and resentment.

After all, if it weren’t for these so-called sorcerers, he wouldn’t have…

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Thinking about what happened between him and his family, Song Zixuan’s attitude immediately became bad.

“However, if it’s inaccurate, don’t blame me for beating you up and sending you to the police station!”


Lu Zijia smiled indifferently and looked at Song Zixuan with an even weirder gaze.

Song Zixuan felt uncomfortable with her gaze and was a bit angry in his mind, but he held it back.

“You… You’re…”

Lu Wanyuan on the side didn’t really pay attention to Song Zixuan at first, but the more she looked at Song Zixuan, the more she thought he seemed a bit familiar.
And yet, she couldn’t recall who he was.

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