The three guards looked at each other, then quickly chased after her in case something really happened.

Even though they pitied Tian Li, they didn’t forget that they were the security guards of this community.
They couldn’t just watch something happen without doing anything because of the sympathy in their minds.

“It’s you.
I recognize you.
You took my child away.
You took my child away.
Why did you take my child away?

“Give me back my child quickly.
Give me back my child quickly, alright? I’m begging you.
I’m begging you.
Give me back my child quickly!”

After Tian Li rushed over, she immediately grabbed Old Qiao’s arms and shook him hard emotionally.

For some reason, Old Qiao didn’t turn around and leave.
Instead, he stared at Tian Li with a fierce look and then cast an unfriendly gaze on the three security guards who caught up with her.

“You let anyone in.
Are you guards not doing your job? You’re all useless people.
If you don’t want to work anymore, just get lost!”

As soon as Old Qiao spoke, he rebuked them fiercely.
His voice was loud and clear, so the residents of the neighborhood watching the show heard him clearly.
He didn’t give the three guards any respect at all.

However, everyone present was used to Old Qiao’s attitude, including the three guards, so they didn’t show any obvious anger.

“Sorry, we’ll deal with it as soon as possible.” One of the guards apologized to Old Qiao.

He immediately signaled the two guards next to him with his eyes, asking them to carry Tian Li away together.

“No, no, I’m not leaving.
I want my child.
I want my child!

“Give me my child, give me my child! Boohoo… My child, my child!”

The three guards wanted to pull Tian Li’s hands away from Old Qiao’s arms, but Tian Li was surprisingly strong right now.
The three guards were worried that they would hurt the two of them, so they couldn’t drag Tian Li away at the moment.

People around looked at this familiar scene and couldn’t help shaking their heads and sighing.
Their eyes were full of sympathy for Tian Li.

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“Ah, an originally fine girl became so crazy.
How pitiful.”

“For old people like us, it’s already pretty good to be able to ride the bus for free.
So what if we have to stand? We don’t necessarily have to sit.”

“Yeah, I’m almost 70.
I don’t even want to sit when other people offer me a seat.”

“Me too.
Think about it.
Old people like us only take the bus to go grocery shopping.

“It’s not like those young people who need to go to work.
They’re already tired enough after a busy day.
What’s wrong with them sitting on the bus and resting for a while?”

“That’s right.
I always feel sorry for my son when I see him get so tired after work.

“So, young people and old people must understand each other, or there will be another tragedy.”

“Ah, I know right? I heard that the girl was really tired because she stood for a long time at work while pregnant and she wanted to take a rest on the bus.

“However, when Old Qiao got in the bus, he saw that the girl didn’t give her seat to him, so he dragged the girl to the ground and even kicked her fiercely a few times! How ruthless!”

“Ah, I heard that the girl had been pregnant for almost four months and it was gone like that.
What a sin!”

Even though Old Qiao couldn’t hear the discussions of the people around him clearly, he could see those people pointing at him and his already bad complexion became even worse.

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