Seeing Luo Baode’s determined and unmoved look, the young man couldn’t help but leave in disappointment.

In fact, the young man also wanted to buy the pill at Number One Elixir Store, but he was too poor to afford it.

He heard that the Director was close to Lu Zijia by accident, so he wanted to see if he could make a move on the Director.
Unexpectedly, he failed.

The young man scratched his head with a headache.
Why didn’t he discover the existence of Number One Elixir Store when he bought pills for 500,000 yuan each?

In the Special Administration Office, many people had the same idea as the young man.

In a luxurious community.

“Old Qiao is here.
Let’s go!”

“Bad people are coming.
Xiao Bao, let’s go home.”

“Let’s talk at my home.
It’s not safe to sit in the community.
If someone suddenly pull me, my old body will probably fall apart.”

“Right, right, right, I still have heart disease and I’m taking medicine right now.
It’s not good for me to be scared.”

The originally lively park in the community immediately became empty because of the appearance of an old man with a white beard and a fierce look on his face.

As if that old man was a plague that people avoided.

Such a strange scene had been happening almost every day for the past week.

“Look, look, that woman is here again!”

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“Ah, what a sin! This woman looks so upright and she’s obviously a good person.
How would this happen to her? How pitiful.”

“I know right? She lost a child after just a bus ride.
Really… Ah…”

“Seriously, Old Qiao’s family is so rich and he has his own driver.
Why did he have to take the bus? If Old Qiao hadn’t taken the bus, that woman wouldn’t have lost her child.”

“Right, I also heard that when Old Qiao’s wife was here, she was always beaten by him! I guess Old Qiao’s wife was most likely beaten to death.”

“That might really be the case.
It’s really unfair that Old Qiao is fine like this.”

“Ah, he had a powerful son after all.
I heard that this woman’s husband accepted the money from the Qiao family and said he would let it go.”

“Let it go? Then why is this woman still making a fuss? It’s already happened a few times, right?”

“That woman’s husband agreed, but this woman disagreed.
Also, I don’t know if this woman had suffered too much of a blow.
She became a bit crazy.”

As everyone stood far away and discussed, the woman everyone was talking about still broke into the community under the blocking of the three guards.

It wasn’t that the guards didn’t want to stop her dutifully, but this woman was crazy and didn’t care about her safety at all.
The three guards were afraid of hurting her, so they didn’t dare to exert too much force.

Besides, they actually pitied this woman in their minds, so they went easy on her.

And when Old Qiao, who everyone was talking about, saw that woman from afar, his old face that was already full of viciousness immediately became even more fierce.

“My child, my child, where is my child? Give me my child.
Give me my child.
I’m begging you.
Please give me my child.
I’m begging you, my child…”

Tian Li was dressed normally, looking like she came from a well-off family.
However, her long hair was messy, as if it hadn’t been brushed when she went out.

Tian Li pushed away the security guards who wanted to take her out as she looked ahead with dull eyes and mumbled to herself.
No one knew if she was talking to herself or someone else.

Suddenly, Tian Li’s originally dull eyes immediately burst out with strong light when she saw Old Qiao in the distance.
Then, she rushed forward like a cannonball.

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