“Second Master.”

Hearing the familiar footsteps behind them, Mu Yi and the others quickly turned around and yelled respectfully.

Mu Tianyan nodded slightly.
“Are they here?”

“Yes, there are more than 20 people in total.” Mu Yi, the leader of the secret guards, came out and answered.

“Mu Tianyan, you piece of trash, come out and greet the leader of the family!”

“Loser, we’ll give you another ten seconds.
If you don’t come out to welcome our family leader, we’ll treat it as you despising him and cripple your hands as well!”

“Right, come out quickly, loser!”

Hearing the shout that was louder and louder outside, Mu Yunhao, Mu Yi and the others got enraged first before Mu Tianyan felt anything.

“Second Master, let me go out and greet them first?” Mu Yunhao asked Mu Tianyan while holding back his anger.

“Second Master, we want to meet those guys too.
Let’s see if they’re as capable as they say they are!” Mu Yi requested after that.

Mu Tianyan didn’t reply.
Instead, he waved his hand and asked him to open the iron gate in front of them.

As the iron gate was slowly opened, those disciples who were originally shouting became more and more arrogant, as if they would already win if they drove Mu Tianyan out.

Hearing the incessant chatter, the expressionless Mu Tianyan finally couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“Tell them to shut up,” Mu Tianyan said coldly.

In the eyes of Mu Shiyou and the others, Mu Tianyan came out to welcome Mu Sheng.

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In fact, Mu Tianyan only came out because he was worried that he would disturb Lu Zijia, who was still in seclusion.

This was truly a beautiful misunderstanding.

Mu Yunhao and the others were already impatient.
Hearing Mu Tianyan’s order, they were immediately excited.

Then, like energetic cannonballs, they rushed towards those disciples who kept talking.

Those clamoring disciples were originally waiting to see Mu Tianyan’s panicked and scared look.
They had never thought that before they saw Mu Tianyan clearly, they would see numerous shadows rushing towards them and they couldn’t help but feel startled abruptly.

“Argh! Bang! Argh, argh! Bang, bang!”

Almost all of the twenty disciples were kicked away by Mu Yunhao and the others when they were caught off guard.
Three or four of them dodged the first attack quickly, but they couldn’t avoid the second one.

So, the twenty people who were originally shouting arrogantly all lay on the ground like a toad and cried out loudly.

That was totally an instant kill!

Mu Tianyan’s unpredictable move not only made the disciples unable to react, but also made Mu Sheng, who was originally sitting calmly in the car with his eyes closed, put up a straight face immediately.

“Bastard! Mu Tianyan, that loser, is totally out of control! How dare he beat our people!”

When the Eldest Senior, Mu Jiankai, and the Second Senior, Wu Huai, came back to their senses, they immediately got out of the car furiously.

However, the next second, the two originally furious people became extremely shocked when they saw Mu Tianyan, who walked out slowly with his long legs.

Soon, it turned into fear again.

“This… This is impossible, impossible!” Wu Huai muttered to himself as he shook his head in fear.

Mu Jiankai didn’t look any better either.
He looked at Mu Tianyan as if he saw a terrifying monster.

Mu Yunhao and the others appreciated the terrified expressions of the two of them, feeling extremely pleasant in their minds.

Today, it was finally time for them to take revenge!

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