Chapter 69: Showing What She’s Got the First Time (3)

Master Dedao did fortune-telling and Feng Shui at the same time.
As usual, he suggested setting up a Feng Shui array to his customer.

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From his perspective, he could only earn a small amount of money when he did fortune-telling for someone and the best way to make a lot of money was to look at people’s Feng Shui.

After all, a Feng Shui array required some dharma artifacts.
He could already sell a small piece at a sky-high price.

The driver subconsciously frowned after hearing that.

He couldn’t even pay for his wife’s surgery right now.
How would he have the spare money to set up a Feng Shui array?

When the driver was about to reject it, his phone suddenly rang.

The driver was a bit embarrassed when he felt everyone’s gaze, but he still picked up the call as he was worried that it was from the hospital.

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“What? Are… Are you serious?!”

“Alright, alright, I… I’ll be there right away.
I’ll be quick.
Ten minutes, I’ll arrive in ten minutes.”

The driver suddenly stood up emotionally as he listened to the call and he almost knocked over the chair under his butt.

After hanging up, the driver’s face flushed because he was too excited and he gave a delighted smile.

“Master, master, what you said is really right.
There’s really a life changer.
There’s really a life changer!

“The hospital called just now and told me that someone is willing to subsidize my wife’s surgery.

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“The person who’s subsidizing my wife’s surgery turns out to be the one who hit me in a car accident before.

“That person said he only survived because my car blocked his way in front of him.
In order to thank me for saving his life, he’s going to subsidize my wife’s surgery,” the driver said as he cried tears of joy.

“Master, did I survive a great disaster and meet a life changer?”

Seeing the driver burst into tears and totally ignore his image, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but remind him, “Didn’t the hospital ask you to go there? Why aren’t you going?”

Lu Zijia didn’t feel anything when she knew that her unintentional act had saved two lives.

After all, in a cultivation world dominated by powerhouses, life and death were too normal for cultivators.

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She had killed many cultivators with her own hands because she would be the one who died if the others didn’t.

“Right, right, right, I’ll go now.
I’ll rush there now.
Master, thank you.
I must have used my entire life to exchange for your kindness!” the driver said firmly.
After that, he didn’t forget to put his hands together and bowed three times to Lu Zijia solemnly.

Watching the driver leave in a hurry, Lu Zijia, “…”

The next time she met this driver again, she would definitely tell him, “I’ll charge you if you worship me again!”

A while after the driver was gone, everyone else finally collected themselves gradually and they all looked like they couldn’t believe it.

“Is… Is this real or fake? The young lady said he would encounter a life changer just now and he really did after a while?”

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“She’s definitely lying.
How could there be such a coincidence? I heard that they’re a team, and I think they really are after seeing this right now.
They’re acting in front of us!”

“That’s impossible, isn’t it? Didn’t Master Dedao say just then that the man’s wife would be fine?

“He even asked that man to set up a Feng Shui array at home to speed up his wife’s recovery.”

“Right, right, if the young lady is truly lying, why would Master Dedao say something similar to what the girl said?

“I guess that young lady is really quite capable.”

“I agree.
The girl said the man would encounter a life changer just now.
Master Dedao only said that the man’s wife would be fine, but he didn’t mention anything about a life changer!”

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