e beginning.
You’ve been lying to me, you liar, you big liar!”

Sun Kewen’s eyes were red and her corroded face was twisted and ferocious, making her look very scary.


Madam Sun quickly held her daughter back and comforted her daughter with tears all over her face, “Don’t be sad, Wenwen.
I think this ungrateful thing will definitely suffer retribution.

“We’re not going to jail for such an ungrateful thing.
Listen, she’ll definitely get her retribution.”

“Mom, boohoo… Why, why did she do this to me? Why? Boohoo, we treated her so well.
Why? I don’t understand…”

Seventeen years old was a pure, youthful age, but because of this incident, Sun Kewen’s world was dyed with a strong color at this moment.

That strong color might be proof of her growth, but it might also be a hurdle that she could never cross in her entire life…

Looking at the mother and daughter, who were hugging their heads and crying, everyone gradually became silent.
Some people even had tears welled up in their eyes.

“If you see that man again, will you be able to recognize him?” Lu Zijia asked again.


Shi Yingying replied without hesitation.
She didn’t look at Sun Kewen at all, as if she didn’t hear Sun Kewen’s sorrowful words at all.

Lu Zijia estimated the time and felt that Mu Yunhao and the others should be here soon, so she didn’t continue asking.

She reached into her pocket and took out two more bottles of scar removal ointment.

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“The scar removal ointment can only be used after the corrosion on Miss Sun’s face is treated.
Just apply it once a day for half an hour.”

Lu Zijia passed the two bottles of scar removal ointment to Madam Sun and reminded her at the same time.

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