The parents of the Sun family, who were stopped, immediately became nervous.
They turned around and looked at Du Jinqian with obvious apprehension in their eyes.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mean anything else.
I just want to ask if you’re willing to let us check on Miss Sun?”

Du Jinqian said as he pointed at Supervisor Wang and the others on the side.
“There happens to be professional examiners here.
Perhaps they can take a bit of corrosive blood from your daughter’s face for a test.

“Don’t worry, we just need to swab it with a cotton swab.
It won’t hurt your daughter.

“If we find the problem, you can treat your daughter well, right?”

The parents of the Sun family were originally unwilling to do so, but they immediately hesitated after hearing what Du Jinqian said next.

“Uncle, don’t believe them.
They’re deliberately shirking responsibility! Only by making them pay can Wenwen’s face be cured!”

Noticing Mr.
Sun’s hesitation, Shi Yingying immediately persuaded him.

“Miss, please mind your words.

“Our company has already proved that there’s nothing wrong with our products.
If you continue to slander our company, don’t blame me for suing you for destroying our company’s reputation!”

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With a sullen face, Du Jinli couldn’t help but warn her in a deep voice.

Being young didn’t mean that she could speak recklessly.

They had already tolerated her again and again, but not only did Shi Yingying not restrain herself, she even went further.
This was simply unbearable.
There was no need for them to tolerate her anymore!

Hearing Du Jinli’s warning, Shi Yingying’s expression immediately changed and a bit of fear appeared on her face.

After all, she was only 17 years old.
She was just a high school student and it was normal for her to be afraid.

Seeing that Shi Yingying stopped talking, Du Jinli asked the parents of the Sun family again.

The parents of the Sun family discussed for a while and asked their daughter for her opinion before nodding and agreeing.

After the parents of the Sun family agreed, Supervisor Wang took a cotton swab and walked to Sun Kewen.
After comforting her a few times, he gently wiped the blood on her face with the cotton swab.

Half an hour later, Supervisor Wang got the results.

“The reason why this lady’s face is corroded is because of some chemical substances.
As for what the chemicals are, I’m not completely certain right now.
I still need to examine it carefully to know.

“But I’m certain that this has nothing to do with Three Treasures’ new products.

Because Three Treasures’ new products are all made with Chinese medicines.
There aren’t any chemicals at all.

“If you don’t believe me, you can send the products you’ve bought to be tested.
I believe the results will be the same as what our team has found.”

Supervisor Wang was obviously trying to say something good for Three Treasures.

“C-Chemical substances?”

Hearing this answer, the parents of the Sun family were a bit dumbfounded.
They hadn’t even graduated from primary school, so they certainly didn’t know anything about chemicals.

However, this didn’t stop them from caring about their daughter.
“Then, can our daughter’s face be cured?”

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Looking at the eyes of the parents of the Sun family that were full of hope, Supervisor Wang couldn’t bear it in his mind, but he still said honestly, “It can be cured, but there’s a huge chance there will be scars.”

After all, the corrosion on Sun Kewen’s face was too serious.
If she didn’t want to leave scars, she would have to undergo plastic surgery.

Hearing that there would be scars on their daughter’s face, the parents of the Sun family couldn’t help but burst into tears immediately.

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