The old factory manager asked these people to change into specific clothes before leading them into the factory.

The reporters who went in directly started a live stream, so it was equivalent to having countless pairs of eyes staring at the ten examiners as they drew the samples for testing.

And because of this, nobody objected to what the Du brothers did.

The ten examiners didn’t take the samples as soon as they went in.
Instead, they waited for the old factory manager to introduce each procedure before taking two samples from each of them.

About twenty minutes later, the ten examiners and more than thirty journalists each came out with some samples.

Supervisor Wang and the ten examiners didn’t waste time either.
They directly started working on various kinds of fine equipment.

There were a lot of samples, so the waiting time was a bit long.
However, nobody felt bored.
Instead, they discussed it with great interest while watching.

“In fact, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the products of Three Treasures.
After all, many famous celebrities are using them.
I don’t see their faces being ruined!”

“Right, Ye Nanxi even said she was using it every day.
She even recorded a video and showed people, but nothing happened to her face.”

“In fact, I was using it too, but only for two days.
I didn’t dare to use it again after hearing that the products ruin someone’s face.”

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“Me too, me too.
I threw it away directly at that time.
It cost a few hundred yuan! My heart ached so much.”

“There’s something wrong with the products.
Just throw them away.
It’s better than having a disfigured face.”

“Ah, that’s true.
I don’t know how much money I spent to treat my face for a few hundred yuan.
I’d rather throw away those few hundred yuan.”

Three hours later.

“The results are out.”

After printing out the test results of each sample, Supervisor Wang handed them to the Du brothers and said at the same time, “There are a total of 24 samples.
There’s no problem with all of them.

“Besides, not only is there no problem, but they’re also very beneficial to the human body and can achieve the effect of conditioning facial function.”

The reporters followed Supervisor Wang and the others throughout the whole process.
Even though they already knew the answer ahead of time, they still couldn’t help feeling shocked after hearing what Supervisor Wang said.

“It’s really like what the Du family said before.
The new products of their company are really good for the human body.
Not only do they have no side effects, but they can also nurture the body.
This is totally killing two birds with one stone!”

“Right, right, this is totally awesome, isn’t it?

“Argh!!! I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy.
I didn’t eat and rest for a few days before I got those two boxes of whitening facial masks.
I can’t believe I threw them away just like that.

“Argh! I want to beat myself to death.
Don’t stop me!”

“Hahaha, luckily I didn’t throw it away, or I would have killed myself too.”

“Hahaha, you deserve it.
Who asked you to be so impulsive? Three Treasures hasn’t even stepped up to say anything and you’ve already scolded them.

“Great, now you can continue to wait in front of the computer and compete with tens of thousands of people at the speed of your hands!”

After proving that the products were really fine, some loud wails immediately came from the crowd.
Some people even couldn’t help but cry.

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The new products of Three Treasures were getting more and more famous.
When they tried to order them before, they were all sold out within ten seconds.

After this incident, Three Treasures would only become even more famous.
By then, the products would be sold out in three seconds!

Thinking of this possibility, many people who threw away the new products almost cried and passed out on the spot.

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