“It can’t be that someone from Three Treasures secretly swapped it, right? Didn’t the people from Three Treasures ask that so-called testing team to come? They must have done something.

“They spoke so openly and nicely before.
I thought they still had some conscience.
I didn’t expect them to be so immoral.”

“Yeah, ah, these rich people really can’t be trusted.
They say nice things, but use such despicable means secretly.

People around didn’t lower their voices on purpose, so the Du brothers and the ten examiners all heard them and couldn’t help feeling a bit frustrated in their minds.

However, before they explained, someone in the crowd defended them.

“You must be dumb.
When the examiner took the bag just then, he held it up high and never opened it.

“Besides, so many of us are watching.
According to what you said, are all of us here blind?”

As soon as the person said so, some people who were originally incited immediately had a clear mind.

“Right, we’re all watching.
He’s been holding it with his hand.
He only put it down and took the bottle out when those equipment were put in place.
We’ve watched the whole process!”

“Yeah, even if we didn’t see it clearly, aren’t there cameras of those reporters? If anyone thinks that the bottle has been swapped, just ask those reporters.”

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Many people subconsciously looked at those reporters with cameras after hearing this.

Those reporters seemed to have been prepared for this.
When everyone looked at them, they all nodded, indicating that Supervisor Wang didn’t do anything.

After getting a certain answer from those reporters, everyone couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded.

“If it’s not swapped, why is the bottle empty? It can’t be that her face was ruined only after using the whole bottle, right?”

“Right, although the amount of acne removal solution looks a bit small, it can be used for at least two weeks.
It doesn’t make sense that her face was only ruined after two weeks, right?”

“Right, is there a misunderstanding here? Or did the victim actually eat something she shouldn’t have and cause severe allergies?”

“No, no, allergies aren’t like that.
I saw the pictures of the victim’s ruined face.
It’s bloody, like it’s rotten.”

Hearing the heated discussion of the people around, Du Jinqian looked at the parents of the Sun family.
“Guys, was there anything in the bottle when you gave it to Supervisor Wang?”

The parents of the Sun family were a bit embarrassed by Du Jinqian’s question.
They clutched their hands tightly as Mr.
Sun lowered his head as he stuttered, “No… There’s nothing.”


Du Jinqian could still tolerate being pointed at his nose and scolded in public just then, but his tone suddenly became fierce at this moment.

“According to what you said, your daughter used our products four days ago and her face was ruined.
She can’t use up the entire bottle of acne removal solution in four days, right?

“Besides, if there’s nothing in the bottle, why didn’t you say so when you gave it to Supervisor Wang?”

“I… I…”

Sun seemed a bit helpless and was speechless after being questioned.
Apparently, Mr.
Sun wasn’t someone who was good at talking.

And at this moment, Shi Yingying, who was ignored by everyone, spoke again, “We threw away the acne removal solution in anger after it ruined Wenwen’s face.
When we picked up the bottle again, it was already dirty, so we washed it.
What’s wrong with that?

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