The Du brothers, who were pointed at their noses and scolded, couldn’t help but frown tightly.

This scene made them feel very familiar, because just a few months ago, they had experienced a similar scene, where people pointed at them and scolded them with all kinds of unpleasant words.

They had already confirmed that the victim last time was instigated by someone, so they didn’t have to be polite to the so-called victim at that time.

But this time, before they figured out the situation, they could only tolerate it temporarily.

“We’re stepping up right now to verify if the skincare products your daughter used came from Three Treasures.
Until we’re sure, we’re innocent.

“So, please calm down, so that we can deal with this matter as soon as possible and do each other justice.”

Du Jinli repressed his anger and said to the parents of the victim politely.

The parents of the victim, who were originally extremely furious, felt that what he said made sense.
They looked at each other a bit helplessly and stopped scolding him.

“Then, hurry up.
As long as you prove that something happened to my daughter using your company’s skincare products, you’ll have to take responsibility for it.
Otherwise, we’ll kill ourselves at the door of your company!”

Even though the mother of the victim didn’t scold them again, her tone was still a bit furious.
Judging from her look of rejection, she didn’t seem to be lying.

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After the mother of the victim finished talking, the father of the victim, who looked like he had been through a lot, also said, “We’re already old.
We finally got a daughter when we were 40.

“Take pity on us.
You must do our daughter justice.
We only want justice.

“We’ve been working all year.
We didn’t even dare to rest for one more day, just so our daughter can eat a bit better food.

“But now that something like this happened to our daughter, the two of us don’t even have the money for her to go to the doctor.
So, we’re begging you to do us justice!”

After saying that, the father of the victim burst into tears and wanted to kneel down in front of the Du brothers.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

Du Jinli quickly grabbed the kneeling father of the victim and stopped him from kneeling.
“Sir, we can’t promise you anything before we figure out what happened.

“But what I can say is, if we really prove that there’s a problem with our company’s products, we’ll definitely be responsible for this and do your daughter justice.”

“You make it sound so nice.
It’s been so long.
If we didn’t expose your company to the media, how would you possibly stand out and pretend to be righteous right now?”

Before the parents of the victim said anything, a weird female voice came from behind them.

They looked over and saw that it was Shi Yingying, the classmate who came with the girl.

Apart from being the classmate of the victim, Sun Kewen, Shi Yingying was also the distant cousin of her distant cousin, who had been living in the Sun family since high school.

The victim, Sun Kewen, was wearing a mask so no one could see her face.
She had been looking down ever since she showed up.
She grabbed Shi Yingying’s arm tightly with both hands, looking very nervous.

“Whatever you say.
Anyway, Three Treasures has a clear conscience regarding how we deal with this matter.”

Du Jinli had no intention of arguing with a 16-year-old high school student, so he said casually and looked at the parents of the Sun family again.

“Did you bring the remaining skincare products your daughter used?” Du Jinli asked politely.

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