So, if this incident had nothing to do with the Guo family, he wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death!

“We’ll verify it in front of everyone this time.
I hope the skincare products used by the victim aren’t from our company.
Otherwise, we’ll be in trouble.”

Du Jinqian still had something to say.
He had a feeling that the trap set up by the Guo family this time wouldn’t be so simple.

However, in order not to make his family more worried, he didn’t tell them about this concern in his mind.

However, just because he didn’t say anything didn’t mean that Du Jinli couldn’t think of it.

As expected, the moment he finished talking, Du Jinli frowned and said, “I don’t think it’ll be so easy to solve the trap this time.”

Du Jinqian sighed heavily and patted his brother’s shoulder, comforting him, “Don’t think so much.
We’ve survived so many years.
Take it one step at a time!”

For so many years, the two of them had put in a lot of effort and gone through a lot of suffering to protect their last company, allowing them to survive until today.

If they really couldn’t save the company this time, it could only mean that this company and the Du family were destined to part ways.

Half an hour later, the victim, accompanied by her parents and a classmate, arrived at Three Treasures’ building.

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The testing team of ten people also arrived.

This team was invited by Du Jinqian himself over the phone, so they could verify the products in front of everyone.

“The victim is already here.
Why isn’t the person-in-charge of Three Treasures here yet? Did he run away?”

“I don’t think so.
Apart from this main door, there’s also the door of the underground parking lot.
My colleague is squatting in the parking lot now and there’s nothing from him yet.
There should be no problem.”

“Why isn’t that person down yet? He can’t be acting like a big shot at this time, right?”

“Didn’t you hear what Master Lu said just then? She’ll give us an explanation herself.
Why are you in a hurry? They need time to come downstairs, right?”

“Right, why are you in such a hurry?”

Many reporters who knew that there was something fishy about this incident couldn’t stand it and they rebuked.

They were reporters, so it was true that they wanted news, but they were also human and they knew what was right and wrong.
They certainly weren’t willing to be used as the spearhead.

Those who originally wanted to liven up the atmosphere immediately gave up a little embarrassedly.

Lu Zijia and the others didn’t make everyone wait.
They showed up in front of them in just one minute.

The people in charge of Three Treasures were Du Jinqian and his brother, so Lu Zijia certainly couldn’t steal their limelight.
She stood a bit behind quietly and observed the changes.

Du, we’re ready.”

The middle-aged man leading the testing team took two steps forward and said to Du Jinqian politely.

Before Du Jinqian said anything, the parents of the victim rushed through the crowd and ran to Du Jinqian and his brother furiously, pointing at their noses and scolding them.

“You immoral profiteers, you harm people and yourselves.
Why don’t you just die? You earn such immoral money.
Aren’t you afraid of going to the eighteenth level of hell?”

“Right, you’re worse than animals! My daughter’s life was ruined by you just like that.
She is only in her teens.
My poor daughter.
That’s totally unreasonable!”

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The parents of the victim were dressed in very ordinary clothes.
Their skin was a bit dark and their hands were even covered with calluses and some cracks.
Apparently, they were from a family with average financial status.

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