Speaking of serious business, Du Jinqian and his brother stopped doubting themselves and replied very firmly, “We’re sure that there’s definitely no problem.
Every procedure is done according to what you said.
There definitely won’t be any problem.

“The workers at the processing line are also fine.
They’ve been working in our company for more than ten years.

“When our company was facing bankruptcy and we couldn’t pay them, they didn’t leave.
I believe them.”

Du Jinqian said seriously.
Du Jinli also nodded to show that he agreed with what Du Jinqian said.

Lu Zijia nodded.
“That’s good.
If there’s no problem on our side, the problem might be with someone outside.
Someone might even be tricking us.

“Uncle, did you think of anything?”

Du Jinqian and Du Jinli looked at each other silently, then smiled wryly with frustration.

Seeing the two of them like this, Lu Zijia knew that there must be something hidden that she didn’t know.

As expected, what Du Jinqian said next proved her guess.

“I think the Guo family must have something to do with what happened this time.
They framed our company with such filthy means last time.

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“At that time, we had already got something on the Guo family, but before we had a chance to fight back, that evidence was stolen and the reputation of our company couldn’t be restored anymore.”

Speaking of this, Du Jinqian and Du Jinli both looked a bit angry and frustrated.


Lu Zijia caught the key point in Du Jinqian’s words and showed a questioning look.

“It was stolen by that shameless woman, Zhong Qingran.
We treated her as family, but in the end, she’s still an ungrateful person we can’t get close to after all these years!” Du Jinli said furiously.

His big brother had already divorced that woman, Zhong Qingran, so he certainly didn’t have to tolerate her again.

“It’s all my fault.”

Du Jinqian looked guilty.
“If I wasn’t so careless, I wouldn’t have let her steal it.”

“Brother, don’t take responsibility for everything.
That woman was so evil that she used Xiao Yuan, or you wouldn’t have fallen into her trap.” Du Jinli was dissatisfied with his brother blaming himself, so he defended him.

People outside said that his brother was lucky to marry Zhong Qingran back then, but in his opinion, it wasn’t luck.
It was just shitty luck!

Ever since Zhong Qingran married into the Du family, the Du family had basically not been peaceful for more than a decade.

And yet, since Xiao Yuan was still young, they couldn’t bear to see him lose his mother at such a young age, so they kept tolerating her.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that he finally sent Zhong Qingran, this scourge, away completely.

Even though it was a bit unkind, he still wanted to say, “Brother, nice move!”

Du Jinqian shook his head and didn’t say anything else, but judging from his expression, he was obviously still blaming himself.

“So, Uncle, did you find anything this time?”

Lu Zijia didn’t want her uncle to continue blaming himself, so she quickly changed the subject.

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Du Jinli shook his head.
“Probably because of the experience last time, the Guo family made a much cleaner move than last time.
So far, we haven’t found anything.”

Even though there was no evidence to prove that the Guo family did it, he was still certain that it was them.

Ever since their company came back from the dead, Guo’s Beauty had been making a lot of sarcastic comments.
They even said that there would only be Guo’s Beauty and no Three Treasures in the capital city.

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