Chapter 65: Don’t Reject Things Given to You for Free

The two of them confronted each other silently.
Lu Zijia was calm and relaxed, while Master Dedao grunted, “Alright! Show me what you’re capable of today.”

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Seeing his master agree, the young Taoist priest certainly wouldn’t say anything to object.
However, he asked, “Since my master has already offered his rewards, what will be yours?”

Master Dedao was a “Taoist master,” so he certainly wouldn’t say anything about getting rewards himself.
Therefore, the young Taoist priest spoke again as his apprentice.

Lu Zijia replied, as if she didn’t notice the provocation and disdain of the young Taoist priest, “Anything.
If I lose, I’ll let you deal with me.”

Lu Zijia was quite confident with this battle because she could sense that although Master Dedao had a bit of attainments, it was just a little.

The vitality in Master Dedao’s body was very complicated.
His magic could barely be considered to be at the elementary level.

Simply put, the attainments Master Dedao had weren’t even comparable to those of Tong Kexin.

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However, from the perspective of Master Dedao and the others, Lu Zijia was bluffing and completely arrogant and ignorant.

A trace of cunning flashed through the young Taoist priest’s eyes.
He didn’t give Lu Zijia a chance to change her mind as he quickly said, “Alright, you said that yourself.
We didn’t force you.

“If you lose, you’ll have to kneel, bow to my master in front of everyone, and admit that you’re a fraud!”

The young Taoist priest wasn’t tolerant at all because Lu Zijia was a woman.
He was only thinking of stepping on Lu Zijia to increase the fame of his master and himself, increasing their worth.


The driver was immediately enraged when he heard that and he was about to say that the young Taoish priest was shameless.

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However, Lu Zijia interrupted him after he said one word, “Sure.”

“Master, you…”

The driver wasn’t worried that Lu Zijia would lose, but he thought that the battle Lu Wanyuan suggested wasn’t fair and was an insult to Lu Zijia.

He was certainly outraged when seeing his savior being humiliated, so he wanted to do something for her.

However, Lu Zijia, the person who was involved in it, shook her head at him like she didn’t mind at all.
She smiled and said, “Don’t reject good things given to you for free.”

“Uncle Driver, do you want to get your fortune told for free as well? Master Dedao is doing it for free.
This is a rare opportunity.”

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Lu Zijia’s joke made the driver scratch his head in confusion.
Apparently, he didn’t understand what she meant.

However, what his savior said was always right, so he should just join it.

Thinking of this, the driver was the first one to step out and volunteer to get his fortune told for free.

Lu Wanyuan wanted to object, but Master Dedao agreed first as if he wasn’t afraid that Lu Zijia and the driver would cheat or do something secretly.

Since they mentioned that the best out of three would win, three “passersby” were certainly needed for the battle.

There was already a driver here, so only two places were left.

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“Master Dedao is a Taoist master.
Countless people come to Master for fortune-telling, and he’s willing to do it for some of you now.
You must grab the chance, everyone.

“There are still two places left.
Let’s see who can seize the opportunity!”

Lu Wanyuan knew what Master Dedao was capable of, so she wasn’t worried that he would lose.
Instead, she took the opportunity to promote Master Dedao’s name to please him.

If she could get the appreciation of Master Dedao, her status in the Lu family would rise.
This was her ultimate goal.

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