“Master, it’s a bit late.
Why don’t you stay at our ancestral home for the night?” After hanging up, Han Jianmin said to Lu Zijia respectfully.

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Lu Zijia had no objection to this.
After all, even though she could fly, she would get tired after flying for a long time, wouldn’t she?

Besides, there were still things that hadn’t been solved.
It wasn’t a big deal to stay here for one night.

“There’s no hurry to go down the mountain.
Let’s wait first!”

When the three members of the Han family were about to go down the mountain, Lu Zijia stopped them with a smile.

Han Jianmin was confused.
“Master Lu, do you want to look at the scenery? Actually, there’s nothing much to see on this mountain.
The peach blossom forest on the north side of the mountain is better.”

Master Lu shook her head and looked in a certain direction with a deep gaze.
“I’m not looking at the scenery.
I’m waiting for someone.”

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“Waiting for someone?”

The three members of the Han family looked at each other.
Apparently, they didn’t understand who Lu Zijia was waiting for.

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Lu Zijia nodded and stopped talking.
The three members of the Han family also quieted down and waited silently with her after seeing this.

The few of them waited silently for several minutes.
Lu Zijia, who had been sitting on the ground with her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes and a glint of light flashed across her eyes quickly.

“He’s here.”

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As soon as Lu Zijia said this, the three members of the Han family, who were originally sitting on the ground, quickly helped each other up.

However, after waiting for a while, they still didn’t see anyone other than them, so they couldn’t help looking at Lu Zijia in confusion.

“Why aren’t you showing yourself? If you dare to do it, there’s no need to be a coward.”

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice the confused gazes of the three members of the Han family.
Her gaze landed on the distant forest and her voice carried obvious coldness.

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, a voice suddenly came from the originally silent forest.
Then, an old man with a Taoist Priest’s hairstyle with Buddha Dust in his hand walked out of the forest.

The old Taoist Priest only took a few steps and he appeared not far away from Lu Zijia in the blink of an eye.

The old Taoist Priest looked calm.
He glanced at the cotton cloth on the ground with his old eyes that were flashing with evilness.
“Hm, little girl, you’re quite capable.”

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“Thank you.
Thank you.” Lu Zijia smiled as if she really took his words as a compliment.

The old Taoist Priest didn’t seem to have thought that Lu Zijia would do something so unpredictable.
His face couldn’t help becoming sullen.

“Little girl, there are rules in the underworld.
Aren’t you going against the rules by interfering?” The old Taoist Priest said with a deep voice.

“Master, did this Taoist Priest hurt our family?”

Even though Old Lady Han was usually a bit unreasonable, she wasn’t dumb either.
After thinking about what happened, she could guess that the incidents that happened to their family recently were very likely related to this Taoist Priest who suddenly showed up.

In the past, Old Lady Han used to have reverence for people like Taoist Masters, but right now, she didn’t care about reverence.
She only wanted to give that Taoist Priest a few fierce slaps.

Their family was almost ruined by this Taoist Priest.
If she said she wasn’t angry, was she still human?

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Even Han Jianmin and Yao Shuyi looked at the old Taoist Priest with resentment in their eyes.

“That’s right, but he’s not the person behind this.”

Lu Zijia nodded slightly and glanced at the forest where the old Taoist Priest was originally hiding.

The real mastermind was there.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s the mastermind or not.
He has a part in harming our family.
I’m going to call the cops.
Call the cops and send this bastard to jail!” Old Lady Han said furiously and took out her phone from her body, actually planning to call the cops.

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