“That’s right.”

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Lu Zijia nodded.
“The skull should have been stolen from its tomb.
It’s already been several centuries.

“The owner of the skull had a lot of grievances before she died.
Coupled with the years he spent in the tomb, she eventually turned into an evil spirit with surging dark energy.


“I’ve already neutralized the dark energy in that skull just now.
You just need to ask someone to bury it well.”

Han Jianmin nodded constantly.
“Alright, alright, I’ll definitely do as you say, Master.
Thank you.”

After pausing for a second, Han Jianmin still gritted his teeth and said, “Master, it’s obvious that someone did this to our ancestral tomb.
I wonder if you can help us find that evil person?

“Master, don’t worry.
I can increase the remuneration by 10 million.”

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Han Jianmin originally wanted to directly increase his original remuneration to 100 million.
Unfortunately, things kept happening to the Han family lately, so he didn’t have much money left.

Afraid that Lu Zijia wouldn’t agree, Han Jianmin immediately wanted to kneel and beg Lu Zijia.

The Han family survived this calamity, but they couldn’t guarantee that the evil person who harmed them behind their backs wouldn’t hurt them the second time.
So, they must find the person, or he really couldn’t be at ease.

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Seeing that Han Jianmin was about to kneel again, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless.
Why did this family like to kneel to her so much?

She really wasn’t a living immortal!

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However, before she replied, Old Lady Han and Yao Shuyi on the side also knelt down quickly.

“Master, please help us to the end.
If not, our family will suffer the next disaster after surviving this one.
Our family really can’t take it anymore.”

Yao Shuyi begged Lu Zijia with red eyes.

“Right, right, Master, please.
It doesn’t matter if I die, but my son and my newborn grandson still have a long way to go.

“Poor God.
I don’t know what kind of despicable person our family offended to cause such a disaster.
If something happens to my son and grandson, how am I supposed to face my old man in the underworld?”

As she spoke, Old Lady Han couldn’t help but cry, which made people’s hearts ache especially.

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When the few of them knelt down, Lu Zijia moved away in time to avoid their bow.

Seeing the three members of the Han family kneeling in a row, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.

She didn’t say that she wouldn’t help.
Why did they like to kneel to her so much? She really wanted to emphasize that she really wasn’t a living immortal!

“Alright, get up quickly.
I didn’t say I wouldn’t help.”

She would get another 10 million yuan.
It would be a waste if she didn’t do it.
It was just something she could do conveniently.
She wasn’t going to miss the opportunity!

Hearing that Lu Zijia agreed to help, the three members of the Han family burst into tears of joy.
After standing up, they bowed to Lu Zijia for a while again.

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Lu Zijia: “…” Could she charge them more if they bowed again?

This time, Lu Zijia didn’t ask Han Jianmin to find someone.
Instead, she directly took the skull out of the casket and put it on a piece of cotton cloth, then closed the casket and buried it again.

“Master, where should I bury this?”

Han Jianmin glanced at the skull wrapped in a cotton cloth and asked with a complicated look.

Lu Zijia observed the surroundings and pointed in a direction after a while.

The place Lu Zijia pointed at was at the bottom of a cliff, about one or two thousand meters away from the ancestral tomb of the Han family.

“Alright, thank you for your guidance, Master.”

After remembering that place, Han Jianmin called his driver and asked him to deal with it.

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