And those small accidents were like spraining their feet at home, almost being robbed when they went out, and getting into a car accident.
Even the health of the four members of the Han family more or less had different degrees of problems.

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So, Old Lady Han invited a master back, but that master said there was nothing he could do and hinted vaguely that the baby of the Han family, who was just a few months old, was a bane.

Old Lady Han, who had already heard the rumors outside, only believed that her grandson was a forever loner after hearing what the master said.

Han Jianmin didn’t believe that his son was a bane, so after he accidentally saw Lu Zijia on TV, he asked Lu Zijia to come to their home through connections.

“Master, my son will definitely not be a bane, right?” After making tea, Yao Shuyi, holding the baby who had already fallen asleep again, asked Lu Zijia with a begging look.

The pleading in her eyes was apparently asking Lu Zijia not to deny what she said.

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Even though they were deceiving themselves and others, as parents, how would they bear to watch their child grow up with the name of a bane?

That was a torture that was worse than death for the child!

Lu Zijia’s gaze landed on the baby.
After a while, she nodded slightly under the pleading gaze of Yao Shuyi and Han Jianmin.
“He’s indeed not a bane.
Besides, a bane only shows up once in a century.
How would your family have one so easily?

“Also, not only is your son not a bane, but he’s also quite blessed.

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“He was born on a Yang day, Yang month and Yang year, and he happened to help your family suppress a portion of the dark energy.
Otherwise, your situation wouldn’t be as simple as having small accidents.”

Before entering the Han family, Lu Zijia already sensed that the entire villa of the Han family was surrounded by dark energy.

However, she couldn’t find the source of the dark energy after scanning around with her deity-sense.
Presumably, the source of the dark energy wasn’t in the villa of the Han family.

And what Lu Zijia didn’t say was that she could see from the faces of the members of the Han family that their recent misfortune was caused by some despicable people.

However, she still had to look for evidence.
Otherwise, the members of the Han family, especially Old Lady Han, probably wouldn’t believe it.

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“Really? My son isn’t a bane, but a blessed child who saved our entire family.

“Good, good, very good.
I knew it.
My son will definitely not be a bone.
Thank you, baby.
Thank you.”

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Yao Shuyi didn’t ask if it was true or not.
She was so happy that her eyes instantly turned red and her gaze when she looked at Lu Zijia was full of gratitude.

Even though Han Jianmin didn’t say anything, his reaction was the same as Yao Shuyi’s.

Apparently, they didn’t care if the child would hurt them, but the child’s growth.

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“How is that possible? That master said that my grandson is a debt collector and he came to our house to collect debts!”

Compared to the joy of Han Jianmin and his wife, Old Lady Han didn’t believe it.

Apparently, compared to a young master like Lu Zijia, Old Lady Han trusted the master with the goatee more.

As soon as Old Lady Han said this, the smile on Han Jianmin and his wife, who were originally happy, immediately faded a lot.

Before the two of them spoke, Lu Zijia spoke first, “Did that master tell you that the entire Han family is shrouded in dark energy?

“If this goes on, the Han family will definitely be ruined in a month.

“And he’ll be the first to die.”

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