“Kid, why don’t you even let your grandmother get close to you? You aren’t born cold-hearted, are you?”

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Madam Zhong’s tone became weird again.
“Honey, you have to teach him well, or you’ll be the one suffering in the end if you have an ungrateful son.”

Even though Zhong Qingran was dissatisfied with what her mother said to her, she still agreed because she had to stay in the Zhong family right now.

“Okay, Mom.
I’ll teach him well.”

Zhong Qingran replied casually and immediately changed the subject.
“Right, Mom, why didn’t you let Du Jinqian in? If he didn’t come in, how am I supposed to talk to him about remarriage?”

“Silly girl, if you don’t make him anxious, how can you let him know clearly how important Xiao Yuan is to him?

“As long as he knows how important Xiao Yuan is, he’ll consider carefully when Xiao Yuan asks him to remarry you.” Mrs.
Zhong analyzed for her daughter clearly.

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But in fact, it was because of her selfishness.

People had already spread the news that Zhong Qingran proposed to remarry Du Jinqian, but was rejected.
This was undoubtedly a humiliation to the Zhong family.

She shut him out right now because she wanted to mislead the people outside that Du Jinqian came to them personally to beg their daughter to remarry him, but not that the daughter of the Zhong family threw herself to him eagerly.

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And Zhong Qingran, who had no idea what her mother was planning, actually believed her after listening to her analysis.

The members of the Zhong family, who were scheming against the Du family, had no idea that there was another person in their living room that they couldn’t see.
That person left quickly after listening to the conversation between the few of them.

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Outside the villa area.

“Hm? Where’s Jiajia?”

Du Jinli, who still hadn’t come up with a reliable solution after thinking for a long time, suddenly found that their niece was gone.
He couldn’t help but look at Mu Tianyan, who was standing quietly on the side.

Hearing that, Du Jinqian also realized belatedly that his niece, who was originally standing behind them, was gone.

Mu Tianyan said without changing his expression, “She has something to do and needs to go away for a while.”

Hearing that, the Du brothers didn’t think much and nodded to show that they understood.

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And at this moment, the back door of the car where they came with opened and Lu Zijia got out immediately.

Seeing Lu Zijia get out of the car, the Du brothers were both a bit dumbfounded.
Didn’t she say need to go away for a while? Did that mean by getting in the car?

“Uncle, Xiao Yuan is with the Zhong family.” Lu Zijia walked over and said directly.

“Xiao Yuan is with the Zhong family? How did you know?” Du Jinqian asked almost without thinking.

Du Jinli looked at his big brother speechlessly.
“Brother, you’re a bit muddled.
Jiajia is a Taoist Master.
She certainly has her way of finding it out.

“Let’s not talk about anything else right now.
The most important thing is to bring Xiao Yuan home to Mom and Dad to keep him safe.”

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Apparently, Du Jinli trusted Lu Zijia, his niece, completely and didn’t doubt her at all.

Hearing that, Du Jinqian didn’t think about how Lu Zijia knew about it anymore.
He immediately took out his phone and called Zhong Qingran himself.
Zhong Qingran didn’t answer, so Du Jinqian called the Zhong family’s landline.

However, no one picked up the phone either.

Seeing this, Du Jinli suppressed his anger and asked the security guard to call the members of the Zhong family again and tell the Zhong family that they would call the cops if they didn’t hand the child over.

The guard was originally unwilling to do so, but after hearing that Du Jinli wanted to call the police, he hesitantly called the Zhong family again.

After hanging up this time, the guard was finally willing to let Du Jinqian and the others in.

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