Those shameless old fellows always showed off how filial their disciples were in front of him, what treasures they gave them today and what good stuff they gave him the other day.
That was totally infuriating!

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Now, it was finally time for him to show off, and he was even showing off pills.
By then, those shameless old fellows would definitely be envious of him.

Thinking of this, Taoist Mu Qing immediately felt better and the cunning look on his face made people creeped out.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.
Why did she feel like this master was going to do something bad?

However, it was also pretty good to have another way of selling the pills.

So, Lu Zijia agreed to let Taoist Mu Qing sell them for her directly.

“Oh right, little girl, I heard from Yunhao that you’re looking for a kind of stone?”

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After putting away the pills Lu Zijia gave him to sell happily, Taoist Mu Qing suddenly thought of something and asked Lu Zijia.

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply, Taoist Mu Qing took out a translucent, milky-white stone from his body.
That was the Half Spirit Stone Lu Zijia was looking for.

“Is it this kind of stone?”

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Lu Zijia had already sensed that Taoist Mu Qing had something with spiritual energy with him from the beginning, but she had never thought that it would be a Half Spirit Stone.
This was truly a big surprise.

“That’s right.
It’s this kind of stone.
Master, do you know where I can find such a stone?” Lu Zijia took the Half Spirit Stone and asked a bit emotionally.

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Taoist Mu Qing’s gaze became a bit weird.
“Apart from being harder than normal stones, this kind of stone has no use.”

Many years ago, when people found this kind of stone, they thought it was a treasure.
In the end, nobody had ever discovered its use throughout the years, so they thought those were just ordinary stones.

Lu Zijia smiled.
“It may be useless for other people, but it’s very useful for me.”

Luckily, she seemed to be the only cultivator in this world, or this Half Spirit Stone wouldn’t be hers.

This was clearly a treasure, but no one was fighting with her for it.
This feeling was truly wonderful!

Hearing what she said, Taoist Mu Qing didn’t say anything and didn’t ask what she used it for.

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After all, it was their first time meeting each other today, so there was no need for them to keep asking about certain things.

“You can only find this kind of stone in Poison Valley.
The terrain of Poison Valley is dangerous and there are many poisonous creatures and ferocious beasts living there.
So, even Martial Artists don’t dare to step inside easily.

“I almost lost an arm to a mutated tiger to get this stone back then.”

Speaking of the situation back then, Taoist Mu Qing still couldn’t help feeling a lingering fear.

He said this intentionally because he wanted to tell Lu Zijia that Poison Valley was too dangerous.
Not everyone could come out alive after entering.

After hearing that, Lu Zijia’s originally excited heart immediately calmed down a lot.
But soon, her eyes brightened again.
“Master, if you have entered Poison Valley before, many people who have been there as well, right?”

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“Quite a lot of people, but very few managed to come out.” Taoist Mu Qing nodded slightly and replied.

The year when such stones were discovered was the year when most Martial Artists died.

If it weren’t that the management personnel of the various forces noticed the rapid decrease in the number of Martial Artists and they tried their best to stop their disciples from entering Poison Valley, the number of dead Martial Artists back then would probably have doubled.

After getting a certain answer, Lu Zijia’s mood immediately improved again.
“Then, Master, do you think those people will be willing to exchange the stones with me for the pills?”

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