As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, a figure that flashed quickly appeared in their sight.

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When the person stopped, they looked at him.
It turned out to be an energetic old man with white hair and a white beard.

After seeing the old man clearly, Mu Yunhao and the others, who were originally nervous and vigilant, immediately relaxed and even showed obvious excitement and joy.

Even the coldness on Mu Tianyan’s body weakened a bit.

Only Lu Zijia, who already looked serious, became even more so.

Because she could feel that the old man’s cultivation level was above all of them.
He was at level seven of Ancient Martial Arts!

This was the strongest Martial Artist she had seen so far.

After feeling the old man’s cultivation level, Lu Zijia started to think quickly, hoping to come up with a solution in the shortest time possible.

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If it really didn’t work, she could only run.

As the saying went, “where there’s life, there’s hope.” She could hide and be a coward for a while and then come out to be the king of the mountains again in the future.

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After all, if she lost her life, she wouldn’t even be able to hide, let alone being a coward.

However, these thoughts of hers were immediately shattered after Mu Tianyan spoke.


Mu Tianyan greeted the old man respectfully.

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Lu Zijia: “??!” Master? This old man was Mu Tianyan’s master, the Great Elder of the main Mu family?

Damn! Why didn’t he tell her in advance? She was so shocked just then!

Thinking about how scared she was that she almost became a coward just then, Lu Zijia suddenly had the urge to beat Mu Tianyan’s master up.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t beat him right now…

The old man sized Mu Tianyan up carefully with his slightly turbid eyes.
His eyes were full of gratification and there was unconcealable joy and excitement in his old voice.
“Good, good! There’s indeed always a way out!

“I knew it.
How would my only disciple possibly live his life like this? My disciple, you’re a man with great luck.”

“But boy, even if you’re very lucky, don’t forget me in the future!

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“After all, I brought you up with my pee and shit.
Even if you don’t give me credits, I still put in a lot of effort.
You can’t be an ungrateful person!

“Otherwise, you would fail me, who raised you painstakingly, right?”

At first, Taoist Mu Qing said it seriously, but towards the end, he suddenly changed the subject, making the corners of people’s mouths twitch uncontrollably and they felt extremely embarrassed.

Was he really his master and not an imposter?

Even Mu Yunhao and the others, who were already familiar with Taoist Mu Qing’s way of talking, couldn’t help but cover their faces silently when they saw this scene.

As the person involved, Mu Tianyan looked calm and even his tone never changed a bit.
“Master, I was only brought to the main family when I was five.”

In other words, he didn’t need Taoist Mu Qing to raise him up with his pee and poop before he was five.

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Being embarrassed by his own disciple, Taoist Mu Qing still remained calm and put a smile on his energetic old face.
He didn’t look like a master at all.

“Hey, boy, why are you still so boring? Be careful not to be able to find a wife.”

Taoist Mu Qing said as his gaze suddenly landed on Lu Zijia, who was protected behind Mu Tianyan.

“Hey, there’s a girl.
My disciple, where did you find this little girl? Did you kidnap her by force?

“My disciple, you can’t do this.
If you like this little girl, you should pursue her seriously.
How could you just kidnap her by force?”

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