Because even if the main family would take revenge for her after she died, she wouldn’t be able to come back to life.
She still had a bright future ahead of her.
How could she die just like that?

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However, just wait.
She would definitely return the humiliation she suffered today a hundred times in the future!

She was going to make this lunatic, who dared to hurt her, suffer worse than being dead!

“Hurry up, I don’t have much patience.”

Even though the sword in Lu Zijia’s hand stopped moving forward, it was still pressed against Mu Shiyou’s legs.
If she moved forward a bit more, Mu Shiyou would start bleeding.

“Slap! I’m a piece of trash.”

Mu Shiyou repressed the humiliation in her mind that almost drowned her sanity.
She raised her trembling hand and slapped herself as she gritted her teeth.

It wasn’t that Lu Zijia didn’t hear the deep hatred in her words, but she didn’t care.

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They were destined to be enemies.
It didn’t matter if Mu Shiyou hated her or not.

“Have you not eaten? Do you want me to cut off the flesh on your thigh and make you a meal first?”

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Lu Zijia’s voice was cold and ruthless.
The long sword in her hand even slashed Mu Shiyou’s thigh directly.
Bright red blood immediately surged out and soon dyed the ground red.

Looking at the red blood stains on her thigh, Mu Shiyou’s eyes were as red as a devil’s and the hatred in her eyes was even more terrifying.

She believed that if her life wasn’t in Lu Zijia’s hands right now, she would definitely tear Lu Zijia to pieces with her bare hands.

“Slap! I’m a piece of trash!”

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The clear sound of a slap was heard by everyone present.
That phrase, “I’m a piece of trash,” was even shouted out loud.

Mu Yunhao and the others couldn’t help but swallow when they heard that voice.
That was ruthless, too ruthless.

Look at how red her face was.
Tut-tut, with such strength, she would probably disfigure her own face after half an hour?

This move of Madame was truly impressive!

“Woof! Master, you’re awesome.
Master, you’re awesome!” Seeing that its master completely frightened Mu Shiyou, the golden pagoda immediately jumped up on the spot and kept flattering its master.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching and she immediately felt speechless.

“Did you forget that you’re a cat and not a dog right now?” Lu Zijia said speechlessly.

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The golden pagoda tilted its head and blurted out without thinking, “I do know!”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at it.
“Then, why are you still barking if you do? That’s a dog, alright?”

The golden pagoda raised its two paws and touched its face.
Its baby voice was full of innocence.
“But there seems to be no rule in this world that cats can’t bark like dogs.”

Lu Zijia: “…” Alright, it won.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Zijia seemed to have suddenly sensed something and she slapped Mu Shiyou’s back fiercely.


Mu Shiyou was caught off guard and she was slapped by Lu Zijia’s hard.
She immediately spurted out a mouthful of blood.

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Mu Shiyou was already injured before, and now, she suffered a hard slap.
She immediately felt the blood in her chest surging.
Apparently, she had quite serious internal injuries.


Being attacked by Lu Zijia again, Mu Shiyou was furious, but she couldn’t do anything about it.
Her hatred for Lu Zijia immediately rose to a higher level in her mind.

Lu Zijia ignored her anger.
She moved her feet and directly kicked her over, then quickly stayed away from her.

Then, she seemed to realize something again and she quickly threw the long sword in her hand aside.

Mu Yunhao and the others: “???”

What happened? Why did Madame, who was so domineering a moment ago, suddenly look like she was guilty?

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