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Mu Shiyou, who had never been humiliated like this, suddenly screamed in a high pitch like she had lost her mind.

Luckily, there were no neighbors around the old mansion of the Mu family, or they would definitely be frightened.

When Lu Zijia thought that she couldn’t bear the humiliation in her mind and would have a mental breakdown,

Mu Shiyou suddenly became rational again.
“Mu Yunhao, are you going to watch her humiliate me like this?”

Lu Zijia looked surprised.
What Mu Shiyou said sounded weird no matter what! She immediately looked at Mu Yunhao with a strange look.
“Xiao Hao, did you have a fling with her?”

Xiao Hao seemed quite reliable normally.
Why would he fall for such a woman who pretended to be cold and arrogant?

Was this his cup of tea?

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Tut-tut, she really couldn’t tell!

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia looked at Mu Yunhao with an even stranger gaze.

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Mu Yunhao: “!!!” Madame’s imagination was totally too vivid, alright?

How would he possibly have a fling with Mu Shiyou? Even if all the women in the world died, he would never fall for a woman like Mu Shiyou!

Besides, he was even slapped by this woman three years ago and suffered internal injuries!

“Madame, you’re thinking too much.” Mu Yunhao complained about Lu Zijia’s gaze in his mind and showed a frustrated look on the outside.

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“Oh? Really?”

Lu Zijia tilted her head and immediately nodded seriously.
“That’s good you didn’t have a fling with her.
That’s good.
Otherwise, I’ll be embarrassed.”

Mu Yunhao: “…” Madame would also be embarrassed? He really didn’t see that.

“Mu Yunhao! Who exactly is this woman? Ask her to get down here immediately, or I’ll tell the leader of the Mu family about your evilness when I get back.

“By then, even if you’re not killed, you’ll definitely be severely punished.
Don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

With a sullen face, Mu Shiyou warned and threatened Mu Yunhao fiercely.


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Before Mu Yunhao spoke, Lu Zijia sneered first.
“I’ve never heard that people who have already been kicked out of the family will still be restrained by the original family.

“Severely punished? Miss Mu Shiyou, I think you’re not having a clear mind.
Why don’t I help wake you up?”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she immediately increased the force of her feet and almost broke Mu Shiyou’s neck.


Feeling the increasing weight on her head, Mu Shiyou only felt that her head was about to be crushed.

“Why? Do you still want to ask who I am?”

Lu Zijia’s eyes glittered slightly as she thought of a pretty good idea.
“Did your father not tell you? That can’t be?

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“If you’re here for revenge, your father should at least remind you.
Otherwise, if you’re not careful, you might fail to take revenge and even get killed instead.

“Or does your father think I wouldn’t dare to kill you? Why don’t we have a bet? Let’s bet if I dare to kill you.”

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up into a charming and evil curve, making people feel extremely dangerous.


What Lu Zijia said made Mu Shiyou panic instantly, but she controlled herself not to think about it.

At least, she couldn’t think about it right now.
She definitely couldn’t be instigated by this cunning b*tch!

Lu Zijia didn’t care about her reaction.
She bent her right hand slightly and sucked the long sword that Mu Shiyou dropped on the ground to her hand, putting the sharp blade against Mu Shiyou’s fragile neck.

“You still haven’t answered me.
Do you want to bet or not?”

Mu Shiyou’s chest heaved violently.
The coldness on her neck made her body tense.

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