“I’m packing the products for the customers!” Lu Zijia’s hands kept working as she replied casually.

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Three days ago, someone bought a pill in her elixir store and another person bought five more just now.

She looked at the username and found that it was the same name, so she knew it was a return customer.
With a return customer, she wouldn’t have to worry about no one buying her pills in the future.


Mu Yunhao was first startled.
When he saw the delivery orders in Lu Zijia’s hands, he immediately understood.

However, wasn’t it unnecessary for her to pack and deliver the products, since it was their own people who made the orders? Why was Madame still packing the products?

“Yeah, he’s a customer who came back to buy more.
He only bought one at first, but now he’s ordering five at once.
In order to continue attracting him to return, I even gave him a Xuanyun Pill for free!”

Speaking of this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help showing a heartbroken look.

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Mu Yunhao couldn’t help looking shocked when he heard that.
He looked at Lu Zijia as if he had seen a ghost.

Their Madame was the most stingy one among the misers.
Even the discount she gave their Second Master was only 0.01% off.
And now, she was so generous as to give her customers an offer of buy five get one free?

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Were pigs flying?

“Madame is so generous!” Mu Yunhao said a bit emotionlessly.

Lu Zijia shrugged and said with a helpless look, “I have no choice.
Business isn’t doing well right now.
If I don’t give them some benefits, I won’t be able to sell my pills.”

Mu Yunhao: “…”

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If other people heard this, they would probably be so enraged that they spurted out blood, wouldn’t they?

The precious pills that were so hard to find for other people became something that couldn’t be sold in Madame’s hands…

After packing the pills, Lu Zijia was about to take out her phone and call the deliveryman to collect the packages when she suddenly heard a voice from outside.

“Mu Tianyan, get out here!”

Hearing that voice, Mu Yunhao’s expression changed and a touch of coldness flashed through his eyes.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows slightly and the corners of her mouth curved into a faint smile.
“Is someone here to find trouble?”

Even the Fourth Elder of the Maoshan Sect didn’t dare to break into the old mansion of the Mu family recklessly.
But now, not only did someone break in, but she also dared to speak so rudely.
This showed that this person either had a noble status or was much stronger than them.

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And she was more like the former one.

“It’s Mu Shiyou, Mu Liren’s second daughter.
She’s also the second genius who took Second Master’s position in the Mu family.”

Speaking of the second genius, Mu Yunhao’s eyes were full of ridicule.
Apparently, he didn’t acknowledge this second genius.

“The second genius?”

Lu Zijia put down the packed pills, patted her hands, got up and walked out.
“My favorite thing to do is to challenge geniuses.
Xiao Hao, don’t fight with me over the chance later.”

Mu Tianyan was right.
Mu Liren really asked his daughter to take revenge for his son.

However, it was still uncertain who would take revenge!

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Mu Yunhao: “…” Why did he feel like Madame treated Mu Shiyou as her love rival?

“Mu Tianyan, get out here and die!”

Mu Shiyou stood on the iron gate of the old mansion of the Mu family and glanced at the guards not far away from her with disdain in her eyes.

As if those guards were ants that she could crush anytime in her eyes.

“Mu Shiyou, don’t go too far!” Mu Qi stood out and said furiously.


Mu Shiyou snorted coldly and said arrogantly, “Why has the once great man become a coward now?

“But it’s useless to be a coward.
I came here today to take revenge for my brother.
Even if the Great Elder knows about this, he’ll definitely not blame me.

“If he wants to blame someone, he can only blame Mu Tianyan for being an inobedient piece of trash!”

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