She had the products with her right now and she happened to be free, so she could deliver to them directly.

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After going to the Song family, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling surprised when she found that Song Zixuan, who always liked to go out and have fun, was at home.

But on second thought, she understood why.

Lu Zijia gave him the things and left after giving him a sympathetic look.

Song Zixuan: “…”

In one of the crews in Palace City.

“Someone’s looking for me? Who is it?”

Ye Nanxi, whose makeup artist was doing makeup for her, couldn’t help asking in confusion when she heard her assistant say that someone was looking for her.

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“She said her surname is Lu, Master Lu.”

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The assistant looked a bit weird when she said Master Lu.

“What? Master Lu is here for me? Where is she? Where is she right now?”

Hearing that Lu Zijia was here for her, Ye Nanxi immediately stopped doing makeup and ran out in a traditional dress.

Seeing how excited she was, the female assistant immediately understood that Master Lu wasn’t lying.

So she quickly told Ye Nanxi that Master Lu was waiting outside the gate of Palace City right now.

“Master Lu!”

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As soon as Ye Nanxi walked out of the ancient Palace City, she saw Lu Zijia waiting outside.
She immediately rushed over excitedly.

Because the hem of the ancient dress was too long, Ye Nanxi almost tripped over as she ran and fell to the ground.

Lu Zijia was agile and she went forward to hold her up.
“Why are you running so fast? I’m not going anywhere.”

As far as she knew, didn’t celebrities care about their image the most? Why did Ye Nanxi seem different from those celebrities she knew?

“Hehe, I’m just excited.” Ye Nanxi scratched her head and smiled embarrassedly.

She had called Lu Zijia several times before and wanted to ask her out for shopping or something.

However, Lu Zijia rejected her every time, which made Ye Nanxi very frustrated.
She also thought that Lu Zijia didn’t want to be friends with her.

She was certainly very happy that Lu Zijia took the initiative to come to see her right now.

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Lu Zijia handed over a paper bag with the remaining five boxes of whitening facial masks and five bottles of acne removal solution.

“Thank you, Master Lu.
I like them very much.”

Thinking that Lu Zijia was giving her presents again, Ye Nanxi took it with a beaming smile.
Just like last time, she said she liked them without even looking at them.

Lu Zijia glanced at her strangely and decided to leave without saying anything more.

“Master Lu, you’re leaving so soon.
Aren’t you going to stay for a while longer? Why don’t I take you for a walk in Palace City?

“Palace City is huge.
It’s like you’re in the ancient times when you walk inside.
I believe you’ll like it too, Master Lu.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was leaving, Ye Nanxi said with reluctance.

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“Sister Nanxi, you still have to film later.”

The female assistant, who followed her out, reminded her softly.

Ye Nanxi’s face bulged and she looked at the female assistant resentfully.
The female assistant’s neck shrank when she was stared at.

“Ye Nanxi!”

Lu Zijia was about to say something when a slightly furious male voice suddenly came from nearby.

There were also flashing flashlights after that.

The three of them looked over and saw a man dressed like a rich man walking towards them furiously with a few reporters behind him.

His voice immediately attracted the attention of those reporters who were already crouching outside Palace City.
They all picked up their cameras and ran over quickly.

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