Lu Zijia’s expression and words immediately made the two uncles laugh again.

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After the three of them chatted for a while, Lu Zijia asked about the sales.

“The amount of products we make every day now is limited.
Basically, we can only sell a thousand boxes of whitening facial masks and a thousand bottles of acne removal solution every day.
Less than half an hour after the products are put on the market, they will all be sold out.

“Right now, our official website has tens of thousands of messages urging for delivery almost every day.
Phone calls are also constantly coming.
Most of them are here to urge for delivery.”

Du Jinqian said happily and a bit frustratedly.

In fact, what he didn’t say was that many of the comments said that if their company didn’t restock a large amount of products, they would report them.

Regarding this, Du Jinqian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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After managing the company for so many years, he had never thought that they would be threatened by their clients because they didn’t have enough stocks one day.
He must say that this was truly a novel experience.

“Even our private phones receive calls from people urging for delivery every day.
They’re so annoying.”

Du Jinli also said with an extremely frustrated look on his face.

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There was still something Du Jinli didn’t say.
Apart from the two of them, whose personal phones received tons of calls, the phones of the other members of the Du family also kept ringing every day.

The other members of the Du family were annoyed and scared, so they urged the two of them together with those people who were urging them for delivery.
This was simply too overwhelming.

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Apparently, it was also troublesome when business was too good.

Seeing the frustrated expressions of her two uncles, Lu Zijia smiled unkindly.

She was indeed right to choose to leave it to them.

“I’m the only one who’s making those ointments, so the amount of ointments made definitely won’t be large.

“So, I plan to give you the method of making the ointments.”

Lu Zijia said as she took out two pieces of paper from the bag she hid and handed them to her eldest uncle.

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“These two are the recipes of the whitening ointment and acne removal ointment.
Also, the recipes aren’t the main point.
The main point is how to nourish the herbs.
Only herbs that have been nourished have such good effects.”

So, Lu Zijia told them how to nourish the herbs and said that she could set up an array after the two of them chose a location.

If the jade stone shattered, a new jade stone could be put on the same spot.

Lu Zijia didn’t say anything about spiritual energy.
She only said that it was for the effect of the array.
Du Jinqian and Zijia also didn’t ask further.

“The herbs that have been nourished are so effective.
Does that mean that we can also nourish the herbs for other recipes?” Du Jinli asked with sparkling eyes.

Lu Zijia nodded slightly.
“In theory, yes.
Uncle, perhaps you can give it a try.”

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However, the products made by other recipes certainly wouldn’t be better than the products made by the recipes she gave them.

After all, the recipes she gave them were very different from the ones in this world.

And yet, she couldn’t crack down on her second uncle’s motivation, could she?

Hearing that, Du Jinli couldn’t help feeling tempted.
He couldn’t wait to prepare the herbs himself.

Knowing that her two uncles were impatient, Lu Zijia didn’t disturb them and left quickly.

However, before she left, she also took ten boxes of whitening facial masks and ten bottles of acne removal solution with her.

Ye Nanxi and Fang Yueqiu had called her before and asked if they could buy some more products from her.
She was in the villa of the Mu family back then, so she told them they needed to wait for a while.

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