“Um… Madame has always had a strange way of thinking.
It seems possible.”

“But will anyone buy them? Are you sure they won’t be treated as fake medicine?”

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“If she’s treated as someone who sells fake medicine, she might be reported.
By then…”

Mu Yi: “…” By then, Second Master would help Madame.

Lu Zijia, who left, had no idea that Mu Yiyi and the others had already guessed her plan.
Besides, they even thought that someone would report her medicine store.

After leaving, Lu Zijia directly went to the Special Administration Office.

As soon as she arrived at the door of the office, Lu Zijia ran into someone familiar, Tong Kexin.

The moment Tong Kexin saw Lu Zijia, her face immediately turned pale and the fear in her eyes was obvious.

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“What… What do you want to do to me?! I… I’m telling you, this is the Special Administration Office.
If you dare to lay a hand on me, even the Director won’t side with you!”

Seeing Lu Zijia walk towards her, Tong Kexin’s body immediately tightened and she couldn’t help but tremble slightly because of the fear in her heart.

Lu Zijia glanced at her inexplicably and directly walked past her, entering the Special Administration Office.

Lu Zijia certainly knew that Tong Kexin was so afraid of her because Tong Kexin knew that she was involved in Che Zhibin’s death.

However, what could she do? If it weren’t that Che Zhibin wanted her life first, she wouldn’t have killed him.

If Tong Kexin also wanted her life, she certainly wouldn’t be soft-hearted.

Seeing Lu Zijia walk past her, Tong Kexin, who was about to ask for help, immediately turned pale and green.

She thought Lu Zijia still held a grudge against her, but unexpectedly, Lu Zijia didn’t take her seriously at all, which made her feel humiliated.

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