“No relationship, no child, then… then…” Fang Yueqiu looked shocked and she subconsciously looked at Ye Xinping.

Did this girl lie?

“Nonsense! I’ve already had sex with Brother Zixuan.
I’m even pregnant with Brother Zixuan’s child.
I’m pregnant with Brother Zixuan’s child.
Don’t you dare steal my Brother Zixuan!”

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Ye Xinping glared at Lu Zixuan with red eyes, then turned to Song Zixuan.
“Brother Zixuan, say something!

“You won’t abandon me and our child, will you? Brother Zixuan, answer me, answer me!”

Song Zixuan looked up at the ceiling.
He wanted to say something, but they gave him no f*cking chance!

Song Zixuan had a mental breakdown and didn’t want to talk anymore.

At this moment, Fang Yueqiu didn’t notice her son’s breakdown at all, because she was shocked by what Ye Xinping said.

“Master… Master Lu, she… she said you stole her… Master Lu, you and my son…”

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Fang Yueqiu swallowed a bit hard and looked at Lu Zijia as she asked carefully.

Lu Zijia: “…” Wasn’t she dragged in while lying down as well? Ah, no, she was standing.

“Mom! I’m begging you.
Please stop thinking too much, alright?”

Hearing his mother talk about him with Lu Zijia, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but speak, no matter how devastated he was inside.

Before Fang Yueqiu spoke again this time, he spat out a bunch of words.
“Mom! Mom, do you think I’ve lived too long?

“Lu Zijia is Mu Tianyan, that evil god’s woman.
How dare you drag me and her together? Are you trying to send me to the King of Hell in advance?

“Also, Mom! I really didn’t have anything to do with this crazy woman.
I can’t even be considered a friend of hers, let alone having a child with her!

“Mom, I’m your son.
How can you believe another woman’s nonsense and not believe me, your son? Mom, are you sure I’m really your son?”

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