“Brother Zixuan, why didn’t you save me? Do you not like me anymore because you have another woman?”

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Seeing that Song Zixuan only talked to another woman, a touch of malevolence flashed through Ye Xinping’s eyes, but she looked devastated and pitiful on the outside.

“Brother Zixuan, did I do something wrong that made you unhappy, so you don’t want me anymore?

“Brother Zixuan, I’ll change, okay? I’m willing to do anything for you, as long as you don’t abandon me again, alright?

“Brother Zixuan, I’m begging you.
Please don’t leave me.
I really can’t live without you, Brother Zixuan.
Brother Zixuan, you said you would stay with me forever.
How can you go back on your words? Boohoo, Brother Zixuan…”

Hearing her call him Brother Zixuan, Song Zixuan felt like his head was about to explode!

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“Son, what exactly happened between you? Did you fight again?”

Seeing Ye Xinping cry so sadly, Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, so she persuaded her son, “Son, it’s not easy for two people to be together.
You need to tolerate each other to be together forever.
It’s not good to fight with each other.

“Besides, she’s a girl.
As a man, it’s fine for you to give in sometimes.”

Song Zixuan looked at his mother in shock and looked like he was about to have a meltdown.
“Mom! What are you talking about? What together? When have I ever been together with her? Don’t play random matchmaker, okay!”

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He was almost devastated by Ye Xinping these two days, and now his mother misunderstood that he had a relationship with this crazy woman, Ye Xinping? This was totally driving him crazy!

“Brother Zixuan, how can you do this? Why don’t you admit it?

“We used to love each other so deeply and I was even pregnant with your child.
Why… Why did you abandon me… Why… Why? Brother Zixuan, tell me why!”

When Ye Xinping heard that Song Zixuan denied their relationship, a mad look immediately appeared on her face and she even shouted the last sentence with a heart-wrenching voice.

Song Zixuan: “!!!” What the hell! This crazy woman!

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However, before Song Zixuan could refute her, his mother slapped his chest.

“Kid! How dare you knock a girl up? You… You deserve to be punished!”

Fang Yueqiu said as she slapped her son again.
Song Zixuan immediately staggered and almost fell on the ground.

“Kid, I’m warning you.
You have to admit what you’ve done.
If you dare to do something immoral like dumping a girl after having fun, I’ll break your legs!”

Fang Yueqiu suddenly became extremely badass.
People who didn’t know anything would think that Ye Xinping was her daughter!

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“Mom! You…”

Song Zixuan’s face flushed and he wanted to defend himself, but his mother interrupted him again.

“Mom what? I’m warning you.
If you dare to do something that makes this girl sad again, I’ll be the first one to deal with you, you bastard!” Fang Yueqiu put her hands on her waist and stared at her own son furiously.

Song Zixuan: “!!!” Oh God! Oh God! Could God do him justice immediately?

“Who are you? Why are you scolding my Brother Zixuan? Shut up, shut up!”

Ye Xinping couldn’t move her body at all.
Seeing Song Zixuan being scolded, she could only be anxious and her pretty face was even a bit distorted.

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