He found it unbelievable because he didn’t know that the person, whom they always called a “loser,” would be so strong.

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And he was scared because he thought about how he had bullied Lu Zijia in the past.


At the same time, he secretly felt glad in his mind.
Luckily, Lu Zijia didn’t really care about what he did.
If not, with the strength that Lu Zijia had shown, he would probably be tormented.


However, only Lu Zijia knew that it wasn’t as easy as it seemed to destroy that storm of Yin energy.


After all, that was an attack from two evil spirits together.
Grandpa Ghost alone was already difficult to deal with, so it was a bit stressful when there were two of them.


She used 90% of the spiritual power in her body to destroy that storm of Yin energy, so Fei Dingshan wasn’t affected by the Yin energy at all.


After blocking the attack from Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, Lu Zijia didn’t talk nonsense and directly said to Fei Dingshan.


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“Your parents said that they starved to death after suffering from illnesses for five years.
Do you know about that?”


Fei Dingshan couldn’t see the Yin energy, so he had no idea that he just went past the gate of hell.


Hearing that his parents didn’t die peacefully, but passed away after suffering, Fei Dingshan cried even harder.


“I… I really have no idea.
I really have no idea!


“If I knew, I would definitely have gone to see my parents, even if they didn’t recognize me as their son.


“But I didn’t know at all!


“I heard from my big brother that the two of them were still very well a few days ago.
Why are they suddenly gone just like that? I… I…” Fei Dingshan said as he choked up again, sobbing to the point that he couldn’t speak.

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Even though it was a bit ugly for a man to cry like this, nobody complained about how ugly Fei Dingshan looked at this moment.


Madam Fei knelt next to Fei Dingshan and continued speaking for him as she held him up, “Mom, Dad, why didn’t Brother tell us about it when you passed away?


“Even if you don’t want to see me and Dingshan, we’re your son and daughter-in-law after all.


“And Weiwei, you watched her grow.
Do you really not love her anymore?”


Although Madam Fei couldn’t see ghosts, she still gazed firmly at the position where the two elders were sitting and there was a sorrow that couldn’t be concealed on her pale face.




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Fei Dingshan suddenly realized something.
He suddenly raised his head, seemingly with confusion and anger on his face.


“I transfer 20,000 yuan into my parent’s account every month.
If they’re sick, there should definitely be enough money to treat them.


“Besides, after Brother told me that Mom and Dad were sick, I even sent them more money a few times, 100,000 yuan each.
With such a large amount of money for the treatments, Mom and Dad should be able to get a little better.


“Even if the money wasn’t enough, my big brother should also tell me about it.
I’d treat Mom and Dad even if I have to go bankrupt.


“But why? Why would Mom and Dad suffer from illnesses and even starve to death in the end?”


There was already a severe tremor in Fei Dingshan’s voice when he spoke to the end.
Apparently, he had already realized the key point.


And yet, he couldn’t really believe this key point because that was his big brother.
His parents were also his brother’s parents!

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If his big brother really did so, it wouldn’t be too much even if he was struck by lightning!


Lu Zijia remained silent and only looked at Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, waiting for their reaction.


Although Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost were old, they had a clear mind and also began to have a little doubt.


In fact, when their eldest son told these two elders about what their younger son did in the provincial capital six years ago, they had always believed in the moral standing of their second child.


They only felt completely disappointed with their second son after their eldest showed them the “proof.”


Thinking about it now, did they really misunderstand their son back then?

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