Fang Yueqiu was startled after hearing that.
Even though she had no idea what Lu Zijia wanted to do, she still went to get the stuff immediately.

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After a while, Fang Yueqiu came downstairs.

“Master Lu, this is my son’s pillow.
Is it okay?” Fang Yueqiu took down a pillow and handed it to Lu Zijia a bit anxiously.


Lu Zijia nodded and took the pillow.

She immediately took out a talisman from the space and put it on the pillow.
After a while, she cast a spell.

The moment the spell landed on the talisman, it immediately turned into a translucent butterfly and flew a few rounds above the pillow before flying out of the villa.

“Follow it.” Lu Zijia said as she took the lead to chase after the butterfly that flew out.

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“Dad, wait for the news at home.
Yueqiu and I will go.
When there’s news, I’ll definitely inform you immediately.”

After saying that to Old Master Song, Song Zhuohai quickly followed Lu Zijia with Fang Yueqiu.

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The butterfly flew very quickly.
Lu Zijia and the others drove to catch up with it.

An hour later, the translucent butterfly stopped in front of a villa in the suburbs.

“Master Lu…” Seeing the butterfly stop where it was, Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help looking at Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia first observed the villa, then said, “Get out.
This is the place.”

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“Oh, alright.”

Fang Yueqiu got out of the car in a hurry after hearing that.
She immediately wanted to press the doorbell of the villa, but Lu Zijia stopped her in time.

“Master Lu?” Fang Yueqiu looked at Lu Zijia in confusion.

“Don’t be impulsive first.
Listen to Master Lu.” Song Zhuohai was quite calm and he immediately pulled his wife to his side.

Hearing that, Fang Yueqiu finally realized how inappropriate she was.
“I’m sorry, Master Lu.
I… I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“It’s fine.
I’ll bring you in later.
Don’t make a sound.”

Fang Yueqiu and Song Zhuohai nodded quickly, indicating that they would definitely not make any sound.

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Lu Zijia put her hands on each of their shoulders and brought them into the villa with a flash.

The lightning-like speed almost made Fang Yueqiu scream.
Luckily, she reacted quickly and covered her mouth firmly.

In the basement of the villa.

“Brother Zixuan, why aren’t you eating? Do you not like the food I made?

“But I’ve already tried my best to learn how to cook.”

A young woman with a small, oval face was holding a bowl of white rice and chopsticks in her hands.
There was also a short table next to her with a few dishes on it.

“What exactly do you want?”

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Song Zixuan, who was sitting on the ground with his hands tied behind his back, asked the beautiful woman in front of him with a devastated look.

At this moment, Song Zixuan was so regretful that his intestines turned green.
If he was given another chance, he wouldn’t help this woman in front of him even if he was beaten to death at the banquet back then.

If he didn’t help this woman, he wouldn’t have been locked in the basement!

Ye Xinping tilted her head and looked at Song Zixuan in confusion.
“I don’t want anything.
I just want Brother Zixuan to stay with me forever.
Brother Zixuan, don’t go.
Stay with me forever, okay? Brother Zixuan…”

Hearing what Ye Xinping begged, Song Zixuan felt so devastated that he wanted to cry.

How unlucky was he to have met such a woman?

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