After a while, Luo Baode frowned slightly, looking a bit serious.

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“Girl, where did you get these Vitality Pills?”

Luo Baode put the pills back into the small jade bottle and asked Lu Zijia with a serious look.

He had taken Vitality Pills before and could even be said to be very familiar with them, because he could get one almost every month when he was in the sect.

However, the Vitality Pills that girl Lu gave him seemed to be different from the ones he took when he was in the sect.

The Vitality Pill in his hands right now seemed to be of a better quality than the ones in his sect.

As far as he knew, the quality of pills refined by the alchemists in his original sect and the alchemists of other forces were almost the same.

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And yet, there was no pill that was so different from the one in his hands right now.
Could it be… that these pills were carefully improved by an old alchemist?

“I made them.”

Lu Zijia answered honestly without hiding anything.

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She was even planning to sell pills as a side business! So, it wasn’t a big deal to say it out loud.
Perhaps the Director could even advertise for her and help her make more money!

Thinking that she would be able to make a lot of money soon, Lu Zijia’s eyes almost became the symbol of a banknote.

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Hearing Lu Zijia’s reply, Luo Baode looked speechless.
“You made them? Do I look so gullible?

“If a little girl like you can refine such high-quality pills, how could those who worked hard for more than decades to become an alchemist be able to bear it?”

Luo Baode obviously didn’t believe what Lu Zijia said and even started lecturing her.

Lu Zijia also looked at Luo Baode speechlessly, thinking that the Director was truly a stubborn person.
Many people couldn’t do it, but that didn’t mean everyone couldn’t!

As a senior, wasn’t him a bit too narrow-minded to generalize about everyone like that?

“Director, just because other people can’t do it doesn’t mean my wife can’t.” Mu Tianyan suddenly said.

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His wife was so outstanding.
How could she be doubted? Not even by her superior.

Luo Baode, who wanted to say something else, couldn’t help but look a bit weird after hearing what Mu Tianyan said.

Seeing that Mu Tianyan was serious and didn’t seem to be joking, Luo Baode couldn’t help feeling a bit frightened.

After a while, Luo Baode was even more shocked in his mind when he saw that the two of them still looked serious and weren’t guilty at all.

“Are… Are you serious?” Luo Baode suddenly stood up and stared at Lu Zijia with a nervous gaze.

“Why would we lie to you?”

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Lu Zijia shrugged and spread her hands.
“I don’t get paid even if I lie to you.
I even have to give the pills to you.
No matter what, it’s my loss, right?”

Seriously, the Director also thought she was lying when she said she drew the talisman last time.

This time, he didn’t believe that she was the one who refined the pills either.
As the Director of the Special Administration Office, was it really good for him to have so little confidence in his subordinates?

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Luo Baode immediately felt that it seemed to make sense, but…

“How did you know how to refine pills?”

Lu Zijia was still an ordinary person more than six months ago.
But in just six months, not only did her strength increase tremendously, she even knew how to refine pills right now.
It was totally unbelievable!

If he wasn’t sure that Lu Zijia wasn’t possessed by demons and ghosts, he would have suspected that Lu Zijia in front of him had been replaced six months ago!

In fact, the Director had found out the truth!

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