The woman was first startled, then she said with a smile, “There weren’t many of those things.
I’ve already finished them.

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“However, the effect is truly amazing.
My husband said that I became much fairer after using the facial masks.
Young Lady, look, am I really fairer?

“Also, I gave my son and daughter the acne removal solution.
It’s very effective!

“My son and daughter don’t have pimples anymore and have become more good-looking.
My daughter even told me that someone confessed his love to her yesterday!”

The woman was talking happily and didn’t notice that Fei Weiwei almost burst into tears after hearing what she said.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

Noticing that something was wrong with her daughter, Yuan Meijun couldn’t help asking with a frown.

“Mom, I missed 100 million.”

Fei Weiwei threw herself on the couch, looking half-dead.

Yuan Meijun was speechless.
She raised her hand and caressed her daughter’s forehead.
“My darling, you don’t seem to have a fever.
Why are you talking nonsense? Did you suffer a blow at school?”

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Fei Weiwei nodded fiercely.
“That’s right.
I suffered a blow, a super huge blow.”

Fei Weiwei said as she felt like crying again, “Mom, the products Master Lu gave us are fine.
Not only do they have no problems, but they’re also very effective.

“People on the Internet have already gone crazy about them.”

“How did you know that?” Yuan Meijun asked curiously.

“I heard it from my classmate.
Besides, people are basically talking about the new products of Three Treasures on the Internet right now.
You’ll know if you look it up on your phone.”

Fei Weiwei still looked like she was about to cry.
“My classmate has already used the acne removal solution.
It’s indeed effective.

“Mom, the pimples on my forehead have increased again.
If this continues, I’ll have to cut my forehead off.”

“Silly kid, what are you talking about? If the products are really fine, just buy them.”

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Yuan Meijun said as she took out her phone and found the official website of Three Treasures, trying to buy the acne removal solution for her daughter.

However, she was soon dumbfounded.

“Ah, honey, why can’t I buy it? Is there something wrong with my phone? Help me take a look.”

Fei Weiwei shook her head with a crying face.
“Mom, it’s not that there’s something wrong with your phone.
It’s just that it’s already been sold out.”

If it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t have rushed back in a hurry.

Yuan Meijun looked surprised.
“So popular?”

“Right, I wonder if I can get it tomorrow.

“Mom, my forehead depends on you.
You must hurry up and help me get the acne removal solution!”

Fei Weiwei hugged her mother and looked up at her mother pitifully.

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Yuan Meijun: “…” She should have trusted Master Lu.

In the Song family.

“Well, I can only help you ask.
As for whether I can get the products… Alright, I’ll reply to you by then.”

After hanging up, Fang Yueqiu sighed in frustration and returned to the dining room to continue eating.

“You received a lot of calls today.
What happened?” Song Zhuohai couldn’t help asking after his wife answered six calls while she was eating.

Fang Yueqiu smiled speechlessly.
“It’s just some friends calling to ask if I can help them get some skincare products from Master Lu.”

“Skincare products?” Song Zhuohai looked confused.


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Fang Yueqiu nodded with a smile.
“Master Lu has worked with the Du family to make skincare products and the effects of the skincare products are quite good.
Many people are fighting to buy them right now.

“Unfortunately, there are too few stocks and many of them can’t get them.
My friends know that I have some ties with Master Lu, so they asked if I could pull a few strings.”

Among these people who asked her to pull some strings, some of them didn’t really have a good relationship with her.

But in order to buy those skincare products, they all yielded to her one by one.

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t happy in her mind.

Hearing that, Song Zhuohai couldn’t help feeling impressed by Lu Zijia again.

“You can do people favors, but don’t be too demanding.

“Our family’s relationship with Master Lu can’t be ruined just for some small benefits.” Song Zhuohai reminded her.

“I understand that, of course.
Don’t worry, I know how to deal with it.” Fang Yueqiu said.

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