“Simply put, Three Treasures’ new products are tonics for our skin!

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“With enough tonics, our skin will certainly be radiant, and we’ll also be beautiful.”

“You’re too exaggerated! Why are you making it like it’s some magical medicine? It’s just skincare products, alright?”

“It’s not exaggerated, it’s not exaggerated at all.
If you don’t believe me, go check Goddess Ning’s Weibo.
The evidence is still there!”

“Thank you for letting me know.
I’ll go to Goddess Ning’s Weibo and have a look, in case I hurt Three Treasures accidentally.”

“+1 Wait for me! ”

In less than half a day, the brand of “Three Treasures” spread quickly.

People who were originally criticizing Three Treasures on the official website also changed their attitude and apologized one after another, asking about those new products.
Most of them urged Three Treasures to quickly launch the new products.

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Before Three Treasures’ new products were officially launched, they had already become very popular.
Countless people in the industry were envious of it.

Especially the rival company who originally wanted to buy Three Treasures, they were so furious that they almost had a heart attack after hearing this news.

Since the new products of Three Treasures were all made of expensive Chinese medicines and the effects were indeed good, the Du family decided to sell the facial masks at 888 yuan per box after discussing with Lu Zijia.

There would be five facial masks in one box.

As for the acne removal solution, it cost 288 yuan for a 50ML bottle.

For other people, it might be expensive, but for Lu Zijia, it wasn’t.

Because, not to mention the expensive price of the herbs, the herbs needed to be nourished with jade stones, which was already a huge expense.

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In order to prevent the products from being sold out and not being able to keep up with the situation later, the Du family brothers decided to release 2,000 boxes of whitening facial masks and 2,000 bottles of acne removal solution on the website.

There were also 100 sets in the store.

Perhaps the popularity of Zhang Junning, this A-list celebrity, was too impressive.
As soon as Three Treasures’ new products were launched on the website, many people started fighting for them crazily.

In less than half a day, all the new products on the website were sold out.

Some people, who came after hearing the news and didn’t get the products, kept urging them to stock on the official website of Three Treasures.

Even the 100 sets in the physical store were all sold out.

After discussing for a while, the Du brothers decided to restock two thousand sets online and five hundred sets in the physical store.

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However, by the next day, all the products online and in the physical stores were sold out again.

In the Fei family.

“Mom! Mom, Mom, Mom!”

As soon as Fei Weiwei stepped into the house, she started calling her mother constantly.

Yuan Meijun, who thought something happened, walked out of the living room quickly.
“Honey, what’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Fei Weiwei didn’t bother to explain and she asked anxiously, “Mom, where are the skincare products Master Lu sent us last time? Where did you put them?”

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Even though she didn’t know why her daughter asked this, Yuan Meijun still answered, “Those skincare products can’t be used.
I was worried that I’d accidentally take the wrong ones, so I was planning to throw them away.

“But the cook saw them and thought it would be a pity to throw them away, so she took them back to use.”


Fei Weiwei screamed and immediately ran to the kitchen in a hurry.
At this moment, a woman in her forties came out of the kitchen and almost bumped into Fei Weiwei.

“Ah, Young Lady, what’s wrong?”

Seeing Fei Weiwei looking so anxious that she was about to cry, the woman couldn’t help asking worriedly.

“Auntie, Auntie, have you used up all the skincare products you brought back?” Fei Weiwei grabbed the woman’s hand and asked with a crying face and her eyes full of anticipation.

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