ere holding the railing firmly.
He picked up the loudspeaker at his feet with difficulty and said with a tremor in his voice.

“I… I’m sorry.
I’m an accomplice who drove Senior Yang Qingtian to death.
I didn’t do it on purpose.
I really didn’t do it on purpose…”

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Everyone below heard Liang Weishu’s voice clearly through the loudspeaker.

As soon as he spoke, the people below immediately let out a series of exclamations with disbelief on their faces.

Only Li Yunzi stared at Liang Weishu on the roof like a venomous snake.

Following what Liang Weishu said next, the people below kept exclaiming one after another, and those reporters also started a livestream on the spot, allowing people on the Internet to watch at the same time.

“I knew it.
Yang Qingtian wasn’t someone like that.
See, the truth is finally out now.”

“Ah, Yang Qingtian is so pitiful.
Not only was she good-looking, but she was also talented.
Her future should have been wonderful, but…”

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“That’s why people say that it’s impossible to guard against people’s evil hearts.
Some people are truly more terrifying than ghosts.”

“Yeah, Yang Qingtian, such a good person, actually ended up like that.
Really… Ah!”

“I just wonder who’s the culprit Liang Weishu talked about that made him spread the rumors.”

“That person must be jealous of Yang Qingtian.
I heard that when Yang Qingtian was in her second year of university, an entertainment company already thought highly of her, but she rejected them.

“She said that she wasn’t confident in her acting skills and would only officially enter the entertainment industry when she felt that she was good enough.

“As expected, in the fourth year, Yang Qingtian had already accepted a lot of supporting roles.
A month ago, she even got the recommendation from her mentor to audition for the role of the supporting actress for a famous director.

“Unfortunately, she was replaced because of those rumors.”

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