Chapter 503 Going Too Far

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“Hm! Perfect timing!”

Without waiting for the middle-aged man to speak again, Gu Nian snorted coldly and said in an unfriendly tone, “You’re her father, right? How did you teach your daughter? She talks bad about people behind their backs.
She’s simply an uneducated little bitch!”

Gu Nian’s voice was very sharp and she didn’t show any mercy when she spoke, making the middle-aged man furious.

And yet, although the middle-aged man was furious, he still tolerated it temporarily.
He would decide if he should apologize or defend his daughter after asking her what happened.

However, before he asked his daughter, he heard Gu Nian say sharply again, “Don’t think that everything is over just because you remained silent.

“I’m telling you, unless you kneel down and apologize to me, this isn’t going to end!” “You…!”

Even though the middle-aged man guessed that his daughter might be wrong, the anger in his heart immediately rose when he heard Gu Nian’s outrageous words.

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“You what? I know you’re not a good person just by looking at your face.

“You knocked someone up when you were young.
In the end, you only wanted the child but not her mother.
You even disowned your own mother after you got rich.
You’re simply worse than an animal!

“How good can a daughter raised by an animal


Gu Nian didn’t seem to see the anger of the middle-aged man and her words became even more sarcastic and mean.

People around couldn’t help but frown when they heard that.

However, because of her identity as a Taoist Master, no one dared to stand up for them and make peace.

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They could only pity this father and daughter in their minds.

“You… You’ve gone too far!”

The middle-aged man couldn’t help but fly into a rage.
“Even if my daughter has offended you in some way, you don’t have to humiliate her like this.
Let me tell you, my daughter is a thousand times better than you.
You’re the one with no manners!”

The middle-aged man certainly knew what his daughter was like, as she was brought up by him.

She might say a few sarcastic words to other people if she didn’t like them, but it was definitely impossible for her to do something even worse.

“Who are you saying is uneducated?”

The couple of the Gu family, who came over in a hurry, saw that their daughter was being bullied.
Dong Meilan was immediately enraged in her mind.
“Who are you, an outsider, to lecture my daughter?

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“Also, who are you? I don’t remember inviting you to my birthday party!”

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The middle-aged man didn’t know Gu Nian, but he recognized the husband and wife of the Gu family.
After all, he was here to attend Madam Gu’s birthday party.
If he didn’t even recognize the star of the banquet, it would be a joke.

However, he had never thought that the woman who insulted his daughter in front of him was the daughter of the Gu family.

He heard that the couple of the Gu family distinguished kindness and hatred clearly.
They greeted everyone with a smile and were very kind.
Those who had interacted with them all complimented the couple’s kindness.

But now, it seemed that rumors couldn’t be trusted!


The middle-aged man wanted to explain that he came with a friend to see if he could meet someone at the banquet to save his company.

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But after thinking for a while, he thought that if he explained it, he might drag his friend in, so he shut his mouth silently.

“Why? You don’t even know who you are? Didn’t you point at my daughter arrogantly and scold her just then? Try scolding her again right now!”

Seeing that the middle-aged man didn’t say anything, Dong Meilan knew in her mind that he came with other invited people.

His purpose was none other than to make connections with people, or to marry his daughter into a rich family.

Someone who would do so must have a poor background.

If he didn’t have a good background, she certainly didn’t have to care about his dignity!

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