She had always wanted a chance to try how powerful this Yin Gathering Talisman was, but she didn’t expect to try it on herself in the end.

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At this moment, Tong Kexin almost pissed herself off, not to mention how frustrated she was in her mind!


“Little girl, you look really delicious,” Grandpa Ghost’s creepy voice suddenly came behind her.


Tong Kexin’s expression changed drastically.
She immediately turned around and saw Grandpa Ghost floating above her, staring at her firmly with his old eyes filled with green light as if she was delicious food.


“Don’t… Don’t come over, or I’ll beat you up until your soul scatters so that you can never reincarnate!”


Tong Kexin was scared in her mind, but she pretended to be calm on the outside.
She put the peach wood sword stained with blood in front of her and tried to frighten Grandpa Ghost with the tactic of using someone else’s power to suppress others.


And yet, Grandpa Ghost wasn’t afraid and started laughing creepily instead as if he was jeering at Tong Kexin, who overrated her abilities.

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“How dare you boast so shamelessly? I’ll teach you a lesson today.


“I’ll let you disrespectful little girl know what it means to respect your elders, love the young, and honor your teachers.”


As Grandpa Ghost finished talking, he also started wielding the crutch in his hand.


Tong Kexin knew she was no match for Grandpa Ghost at all, so she certainly couldn’t fight against him.


Suddenly, Tong Kexin saw Lu Zijia, who was standing nearby, and another evil idea came to mind.


Lu Zijia crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned her body against the wall, watching the drama with a relaxed look as if everything happening around had nothing to do with her and that she was just a passerby who had accidentally entered…

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Seeing Tong Kexin run towards her all of a sudden, Lu Zijia immediately knew what Tong Kexin was planning.
She just wanted to use Lu Zijia as a shield again.


However, how would a shield be so easy to find?


“Boom! Argh!”


Tong Kexin, who only wanted to use Lu Zijia as a shield to help her survive this attack, had never thought that she would be kicked away by Lu Zijia without any warning!


Since she wasn’t on guard against Lu Zijia, an “ordinary person,” she was directly knocked down by Lu Zijia and even rolled on the ground before stopping.


“Lu Zijia, you despicable… Argh!”

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Tong Kexin, who was lying on the ground in a predicament, wanted to rebuke Lu Zijia furiously.


But before she finished rebuking Lu Zijia, Grandpa Ghost had already hit her back with his crutch, which made her scream in severe pain.


“Honey, come to eat.”


After Grandpa Ghost “caught” Tong Kexin, he didn’t eat her Yin energy right away but loudly called his wife, who was still scolding their second son.


“This is the little girl who hurt you just now.
You don’t have to be nice to her.
We should give this little girl, who doesn’t know how to respect her elders, a lesson, or she won’t remember.”


Hearing the words “respect her elders,” which had almost become the pet phrase of Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, Lu Zijia thought to herself.

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These two old people weren’t elementary school teachers before they passed away, were they? If not, why did they like these words so much?


Grandma Ghost didn’t restrain herself either.
She directly grabbed Tong Kexin’s left arm and started chewing it, finishing all the Yin energy very quickly.


“Burp! So full.”


Grandma Ghost, who had a huge feast, couldn’t help but burp, showing a look of enjoyment.


Seeing his wife become content again, Grandpa Ghost was delighted and he didn’t care about Tong Kexin anymore.


However, Tong Kexin, who was let go easily, wasn’t grateful at all and hated Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost.

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