Chapter 486 Products That Would Ruin People’s Face? (1)


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Meanwhile, the same scene was happening in the Fei family.

“Weiwei, why did you buy skincare products again? Didn’t I buy them for you yesterday? You are only 16 and it is not good to use too many skincare products.”

Seeing her daughter come back from school with skincare products, Yuan Meijun couldn’t help but frown slightly.
Apparently, she didn’t like her daughter to use too many skincare products and cosmetics.
“Mom, I didn’t buy these things.
The master who helped our family last time gave them to me.”

Fei Weiwei walked over and sat next to her mother, putting the skincare products in her hands on the coffee table.

Yuan Meijun looked confused.
“The master who helped our family last time? The one with very big and bright eyes who sold us the Blessing Talismans?”

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There were a total of four masters who came to help their family solve the problem last time, but apart from Master Lu, they had never had any interaction with the other masters.
So, her first reaction was to think that the person who gave these things to her daughter was Master Lu.

“Yeah, that’s Master Lu.” Fei Weiwei nodded.

Hearing her daughter’s affirmative answer, Yuan Meijun’s eyes brightened.
“Where did you meet Master Lu? Did you invite her to our house as a guest?”

After pausing for a second, she said again, “Remember to invite Master Lu to our house as our guest the next time you see her, alright?

“I heard from your Dad that there was no major problem in business only because Master Lu reminded him a while ago.
Your Dad has always wanted to thank Master Lu.

“It’s just that Master Lu is too busy and she doesn’t like people to thank her specifically.
Your Dad has never had the chance to see Master Lu again.”

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Fei Weiwei didn’t mind that her mother was nagging.
She smiled and nodded constantly.
After her mother finished talking, she replied, “I met Master Lu at the door of our house.
Master Lu said she still had to go
somewhere else, so she left after giving me the things.”

She immediately joked and said, “I guess Master Lu knows that I’ve been under a lot of pressure in my studies lately and I’ve got a lot of pimples, so she specially came to give me this acne removal solution.
whitening facial mask should be for you, Mom.”

Yuan Meijun glanced at her daughter speechlessly.
“You’re the best at guessing.

“But why do I find this brand a bit familiar?”

Yuan Meijun looked at the logo on the bag and then looked at the name.
The next moment, her eyes widened in shock.
“Isn’t… Isn’t this the brand that people said would ruin your face a while ago?

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“Why would Master Lu give you these products? This…”

Yuan Meijun was originally quite happy to receive the present from Lu Zijia, but now she was in a difficult position.

“Honey, don’t use these things for now.
Master might have given you the wrong things.”

In fact, what she was thinking in her mind was that Lu Zijia probably didn’t know that using products from the brand “Three Treasures” would ruin their face, which was why she bought them as a gift.

Fei Weiwei didn’t disagree with this.

In the suburbs.

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At the filming set.

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Ye Nanxi, who had just finished filming, was about to return to the van to rest when she suddenly saw a familiar figure walk out from the side of the van.
“Master Lu!”

Seeing Lu Zijia, Ye Nanxi, who was originally exhausted, immediately became energetic.

“Master Lu, why are you here? Are you here for me?”

Ye Nanxi knew that the possibility wasn’t high, but she still couldn’t help anticipating.

However, what she didn’t expect was that Master Lu actually nodded!

“Yeah, I’m here for you.” Lu Zijia nodded and admitted straightforwardly..

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