Chapter 481: Key Evidence (1)


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‘As soon as Liang Lisi said this, her words immediately caused an uproar in the room.

People who originally wanted to check on Bai Xiao suddenly stopped and didn’t dare to continue going forward.
They looked at Bai Xiao with shock and fear in their eyes.

And the people watching the livestream through their phones even got stirred and they started commenting on the screen crazily.

“E*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Really? Are they filming for a movie?!”

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“This is clearly a live broadcast.
How can they possibly be filming? I think they’re not acting at all!”

“Ican prove that they’re not filming.
I recognize Master Bai.
He’s the son of a rich family in the capital and he always hangs out crazily with a group of people.
He even broadcasted them racing cars a few times before!”
“Damn, if he’s the son of a rich family, he’s definitely not acting!”

“Not acting? Then, did Master Bai really kill someone, like what that woman said?”

“Extra, extra.
I just went to check and found that the most recent car accident where someone was killed in the capital only happened two weeks ago.

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“According to the news report, the person who was killed was a university student.
He was killed when he was on his way back to school after work at night and his body was repeatedly run over by a car.
The murderer is extremely cruel!”
“Damn! I also went to check just now and found that there really is one, but this news seems to be deliberately taken down by someone.
I only found it after searching for a while.

“Also, two weeks has passed since the car crash and they still haven’t found the murderer.”

“Still haven’t found the murderer? That makes sense! Didn’t you hear what that woman said just then? If she dares to tell the truth, Master Bai will kill her as well.
It would be strange if she dared to tell the truth!”
“Right, right, this bullshit Master Bai doesn’t seem to be a good person.
He must have used his family’s money to cover up the fact that he killed someone!”

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“This kind of scumbag deserves to die.
We can definitely not let such a crazy scumbag escape the punishment of the law! Let’s forward this livestream and seek justice for the victim!”

“Right! We must do justice for the dead.
We can’t let this scumbag continue to harm society!”

The netizens watching the livestream were enraged.
They moved their hands one after another and tried their best to seek justice for the pitiful victim.

Soon, the livestream spread at a very fast speed, and the number of people who came to watch the livestream also rose rapidly.

Of course, those in the private room had no idea that people on the Internet were extremely stirred because of their livestream.

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Apart from Lu Zijia and Song Zixuan, everyone in the room even forgot about the livestream.

Bai Xiao, who thought he had found a scapegoat, had never thought that Liang Lisi would have the guts to tell the truth.
He was so enraged that he couldn’t wait to rush over and strangle her to death immediately.
Unfortunately, he, who was pressed down on the ground by the invisible pressure right now, couldn’t even raise his hand, let alone rushing over to strangle her to death.

Unable to move, he wanted to interrupt Liang Lisi and threaten her.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, he suddenly discovered that he couldn’t speak! The fear on his face immediately became even more intense, and his eyes, which used to be full of hostility, were now full of fear and begging.

“What evidence do you have to prove that he was the one who knocked someone down and not you?” Jin Jiahao let go of the hand that was grabbing Liang Lisi’s neck and blocked all of Bai Xiao’s way out step by step according to Lu Zij

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