Chapter 471: I Think You’re Looking for an Excuse to Take Advantage of Me


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Seeing her frown so hard that her face looked like a bun, Mu Tianyan only found it funny and his deep eyes were full of laughter.
While she was criticizing him in her mind, he suddenly leaned over and captured her red lips, then left after biting them gently like last time.
After all, his wife still hadn’t accepted him completely.
He still had to take it slow when it came to intimate behaviors.

As long as his wife got used to it, he would… certainly be able to go further in the future.

Lu Zijia, who had no idea what Mu Tianyan, this fake gentleman, was thinking, didn’t get angry after he “bit” her.

She only rolled her eyes at him speechlessly and directly exposed him.
“I think you’re looking for an excuse to take advantage of me.”

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Alright, actually, she only realized the ultimate goal of this evil man after she was taken advantage of.

Mu Tianyan chuckled and said with obvious joy in his deep voice, “Madam, you’re so smart.”

His wife wasn’t angry.
Then, could he take advantage of her a bit longer next time?

Lu Zijia:

” Second Master, you are the living King of Hell, feared by everyone outside.
Is it really good to admit that you’re taking advantage of me so openly?
Your image, where’s your noble image?
In the end, Lu Zijia, who was a bit frustrated in her mind, raised her two hands and did whatever she wanted on Mu Tianyan’s peerlessly handsome face.
Then, she opened the door happily and shut the fake gentleman behind her out.

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The fake gentleman, Mu Tianyan, looked at the extremely unpleasant door in front of him:

Perhaps it was time for him to find a way to move his wife to another room!

The next day after breakfast, Lu Zijia wanted to go to Bai Xiao’s house first.
However, when she saw the address written on the folder, she suddenly found it a bit familiar.

Thinking carefully, wasn’t it next to the home of that unlucky man, Song Zixuan?

Tut-tut, with such a neighbor, it was fortunate that the unlucky man was sent abroad when he was little, or he would be even more unlucky.

After thinking about it, Lu Zijia had an idea in her mind.
She took out her phone and called Song Zixuan.

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After hanging up, Lu Zijia went to find the spirit of the dead teenager she met last night.

Meanwhile, at the Song family.

Some hurried footsteps came from upstairs.

Old Master Song and Fang Yueqiu, who were sitting in the living room, couldn’t help looking at the stairs in confusion.
When they saw their grandson (son) running downstairs in a hurry, they thought something happened.

“Son, what’s wrong? What happened?” Fang Yueqiu walked over quickly and grabbed her son, who was rushing to the kitchen, as she asked worriedly.

Song Zixuan couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious when his mother stopped him, but he still explained, “Lu Zijia just called and asked me to help her with something.”

“Master Lu?”

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Fang Yueqiu looked surprised, but she didn’t ask what he was doing for Lu Zijia right away.
She immediately changed the direction her son was going and pushed him towards the door, even reminding him, “Then go do it quickly.
You must help Master Lu, understand?”
Song Zixuan, who was kicked out by his mother: “…” He hadn’t had breakfast yet! Was he still her son?

But in the end, his mother still urged him to leave

Song Zixuan looked up at the closed iron gate in front of him at a 45-degree angle and felt deeply sorrowful.

Ever since his mother met Master Lu, he, her son, had been thrown behind.
She was truly… too heartless and unreasonable!

However, after feeling sad in front of his iron gate, Song Zixuan still went to his neighbor’s house obediently..

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