Chapter 449: The Incident of the Ye Family (3)

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“Fenglin, you’re back.”

Seeing Ye Fenglin come back, Chang Yiyue greeted him with a gentle smile as usual.

Ye Fenglin didn’t always smile.
He only nodded coldly at Chang Yiyue’s smiley face.

“Xiao Xi, are they your friends? Why don’t you invite them to the house?” Ye Fenglin walked past Chang Yiyue and asked his daughter.

Even though Ye Fenglin asked that, he sized Lu Zijia and the old lady up with his shrewd eyes, as if he was judging whether they were good or bad.

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Ye Nanxi was already a bit sad in her mind.
After being asked like this, her eyes immediately couldn’t help turning red.

Seeing his daughter like this, Ye Fenglin thought his daughter was being bullied and his gaze immediately became sharp and unfriendly when he looked at Lu Zijia and the old lady.
“Who exactly are they?”

Ye Fenglin patted his daughter’s back to comfort her as he asked Chang Yiyue unhappily.

“Dad, she’s my friend.”

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Before Chang Yiyue spoke, Ye Nanxi replied first, “Dad, she’s here to help me.
Don’t make things difficult for her.”

Ye Nanxi didn’t know Lu Zijia’s name and she didn’t dare to call her master in front of her father, so she could only say “she.”

However, when she grabbed Ye Nanxi’s hand, Ye Nanxi retracted her hand almost reflexively, as if she was very scared.


Chang Yiyue looked at her with confusion.
Her eyes were as gentle and loving as ever, so no one could find anything strange about her.

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Ye Fenglin saw this scene with his own eyes and his gaze immediately turned cold when he looked at Chang Yiyue.

“Eight minutes.”

Lu Zijia suddenly reported the time at this moment, which made people feel extremely speechless.

Ye Nanxi struggled even more in her mind, but when Lu Zijia counted down to seven minutes, she still gritted her teeth and made a decision.

If Chang Yiyue could hurt her, she would most likely harm her father as well.
So, she must expose her!

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Ye Nanxi looked at her father firmly.
“Dad, I have something to tell you.”

“silly girl, if you have something to say, we can go back to the house and talk.
Your dad just got home from work.
He must be tired.
Let’s go inside and sit down.”
As soon as Ye Nanxi finished talking, Chang Yiyue spoke right away.
After that, she grabbed Ye Nanxi’s arm and wanted to bring her into the house.

However, Ye Nanxi let go of her hand again and even took two steps back, looking at her with a bit of fear in her eyes..

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