Chapter 44: Treating Them as Guinea Pigs

Listening to the conversation between Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, Tong Kexin was relieved in her mind.

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It seemed that these two evil spirits didn’t know that they were Taoist Masters, which was why they didn’t hide.

If that was the case, things would be much easier.

With the same thought, Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin immediately looked at each other as they wielded the peach wood swords in their hands, rushing towards the two evil spirits.

Jin Junyi was guarding the door to prevent the two evil spirits from escaping.

If they let the evil spirits run away, it would be difficult to find them again.

“Masters, you’re…”

Seeing Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin dash towards him, Fei Dingshan’s expression changed as he quickly protected his wife.

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However, he knew that Tong Kexin and Chi Zhibin weren’t targeting him but the position next to him.

Fei Dingshan seemed to realize something right away.
He quickly helped his wife get up from the couch with his daughter.

“Sit here!”

Lu Zijia gave the two-seat couch she was sitting to them.

In fact, Fei Dingshan wanted to leave the villa with his family first and wait for Tong Kexin and the others to capture the evil spirits before coming back.

And yet, Tong Kexin and the others didn’t let them leave and he couldn’t make such a suggestion rashly at this time either, so they could only sit back down on the seat that Lu Zijia gave them.

The couch was just a few steps away, but Fei Dingshan and Madam Fei seemed to be exerting their strength to get there.
They immediately panted heavily after sitting down.

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“Mom, Dad, how are you feeling? Are you feeling unwell?”

Seeing that her parents’ faces were as pale as paper, Fei Weiwei was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Looking at her daughter’s red eyes, Madam Fei forcibly endured her physical discomfort as she lifted her hand to caress her daughter’s head and comforted her gently, “Mom and Dad are fine.
Don’t worry.”

Fei Weiwei was already 15 years old and she knew everything she needed to know.
How couldn’t she possibly see her parents’ situation?

And yet, in order not to make her parents worried, she could only bite her lip firmly, not allowing herself to cry.

Lu Zijia saw this scene with her own eyes.
She pondered for a second and took out the Exorcizing Talisman that she drew today.

“This is an Exorcizing Talisman.
It can make you feel better.”

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She didn’t know the effect of the talisman yet.

Thus, she should just let them try it.

Alright, Lu Zijia must admit that she was treating them as her guinea pigs.

But it would be fine as long as no harm was caused to both parties.

“Thank you.
Thank you, Master Lu.”

Fei Dingshan took the talisman with gratitude and immediately put it in his wife’s hands.

Before Madam Fei could object in time, she sensed the triangular talisman in her hands suddenly warm up, and she felt her body instantly become much better.

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Madam Fei couldn’t see her own changes, but Fei Dingshan saw them clearly.

He saw that his wife’s face looked obviously much better than it had before.
At least there was finally a faint flush now.

When Madam Fei opened her hands again, the talisman that was originally there had turned into a handful of black ash.

Seeing such an astonishing scene, Fei Dingshan and his family were startled.

After they collected themselves, Fei Dingshan and Madam Fei both yelled emotionally, “Thank you, Master Lu.
Thank you so much.”

The two of them called Lu Zijia “Master Lu,” completely forgetting what she said just then about her not being a master.

And yet, even if they remembered, they would only think that Lu Zijia was just joking back then.

“Master Lu, I wonder if you still have more talismans? We can pay and buy them from you.”

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